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This web site is designed for entertainment purposes only and we are not responsible for variances in the finished dish.

This is a reference website. Where possible entire articles, stories and sections of books, magazines, and newspapers used will be left complete. So, when using material from this site on your own work, make sure that you give credit where credit is do (i.e., giving credit to this website since you found the material here and giving credit to the author for whom the articles were written by) and do not copy word for word, that would be plagiarism.

Something interesting about this site, where possible the old terminology will be used in this website, so before sending me an e-mail saying something is not spelled correctly, make double sure that it isn't the original spelling of the word and not the current spelling of the word. The current spelling of any word is not necessarily the correct spelling of the word as it is being applied in this web site. Other than that, please let me know of any errors that you do encounter.

I must note that I have had no proper training in web design. Like my computers and networks that I maintain, this website is on the job training. The only real way of learning anything is to get your elbows greasy.

Most of the site is now 6 scroll compliant or has a menu system.

Recently I have been invaded by the grammar and editing police. Although I appreciate the assistance, it's a bit unnerving to have someone re-do the things that I have been doing by myself. I am still striving to keep the site looking friendly and not like the uncaring and mechanical type ones that are encountered on the internet.

Notice to Award sites. Please do not hold me responsible for the weather and the site ring graphics and links. I am at the mercy of there servers.

The new scroll bar is now on all the pages

I have installed a new guest book and message center, check them out and drop me a line.

Typically, the recipe pages are updated between the 25th day of the old month and the 5th day of the new month. The other pages are updated when needed.

As some of you have noticed, I haven't been getting all the updates in on time. I have been dealing with my health again and it has slowed me down.

Unless otherwise marked, you are free to copy things from this web site. All I ask is that you give appropriate credit if you use any information from this web site.

This site is owned by Rebecca Sutton .
This site Created, Maintained and Designed by John Sutton
Any Comments, Questions or Bug Reports Send to the Webmaster

Below is what is used in Creating and Maintaining this Website and also the organizations that I belong to.

We are learning a lot with Approved and so will you.

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Although we have bought new software and manuals, we have yet to figure out how all of this works.

The software I bought is Macromedia MX, this is the complete professional set, a small fortune in software. Software, that we still have no clue how to use. We are trying and hopefully in 2005 we can do something with it.

ColdFusion MX by Forta, Weiss, et al. (We will see what we can learn)

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