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Bill Moran is a valued volunteer Inn Keeper since August 2004, with Bill's help we have created a section on Chiles. Bill has added some of his recipes and know how for this section.

Bill is a retired Food Service Food Broker from Houston. While in Houston he started assembling recipes from family and from restaurants he visited while in business over a period of 20 years. About a third of the recipes are his own creations. This collection ended up in his first cookbook, Texas Chef.
Before retiring, he decided to write a cookbook about ranch cooking (chuck wagon style) and began to look around for a place to live and do research for the proposed cookbook. Ending up in San Diego, Texas, in the middle of Mexican ranch country, he began the second cookbook, Cocina Ranchera.
Bill has also authored these cookbooks Texas Chef Bakes, Time To Eat, A Story/Cookbook of Family Gatherings and Cookin' Texan, Recipes from The Great Of Texas.

Bill also travels learning more about Chiles and getting to know the locals.

Texas Chef Blog

Sadly Bill passed away in July 2009. I never have updated this part for it has always been hard for me to deal with the loss of someone.
Bill had a passion for what he did and will always be remembered in these pages.
I don't know how long his blog will remain up.

Bills's daughter has taken up and started a blog on her own called The Texas Chef's Daughter Blog
She is just as spirited and passionate as Bill.

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