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Hi my name is John Sutton, I am the creator of this website, I am the webmaster of this website and I am also the first Volunteer Inn Keeper. I have volunteered since 1995 when I started this website.

Let's start with something simple :

What is your Life?
You are a mist, that appears for a little while and then vanishes.
{James 4:14 NIV}

That sums things up in a nut shell. If your going to be remembered for something, make sure it is for something that is good and that you enjoy it. Our time is short on this planet, you only have one chance to make an impact, do it for the right reasons. This website is my contribution to the world. This is my impact. Nothing really huge, but it helps many people.

We all try to help in our own way. When you do help, make sure that your helping in the best possible way that you can, never lie or be deceitful. Keep your friends beside you and your enemies in front of you. Be wise enough to know the difference. Be cool about things.

Now I have been cooking for many years, mainly under my own roof. I have had many influences, my Dad is one. On Sunday afternoons he would cook for the Priests at Our Lady of Angels in Woodbridge, VA. Of course my Dad grew up in the old ways, kids weren't allowed under foot so one watched from a distance or one got the belt. Hands on training was out, but you learned just like watching Julia Child or Jacques Pepin on the tube.

I have worked at my share of regular restaurants as well, line cook, prep cook and such. I have also worked as a driver and mover for an office furniture company. A driver and technician for a computer company. A driver, maintenance guy, technician, and gopher for a company that made scales and scientific equipment. My last major job I was repairing heaters, air conditioners, swamp coolers, water heaters and refrigerators. I was also a supervisor at this job and had to teach classes as well. That was what I was doing when this illness took me out of action. Did I mention that I also was a rodie and sound tech for a local Denver band?

On the restaurants, nothing fancy just regular restaurants. Seems like using herbs just as a garnish is a waste of good herbs (just me I guess). I am a regular guy who loves great food. I was brought up on traditional values that you don't waste food or supplies. You stretch what you have to go as far as it can go. Believe me, I have stretched the supplies in the house on more than one occasion.

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Over the years I have also gotten bored with the same old routine. As you will find while browsing through the recipes, I mention several times to experiment while cooking. Rip a recipe apart and put it back together to your liking. Of course your first tries will most likely be complete failures and your family and friends will not want to be near you during this time or want to eat your food, but after a while when you have learned what your doing, they will enjoy your little experiments. Even some of my experiments come out as flops. Still, they are edible. They just no longer resemble food. But I have a name for those recipes. That name is also what I call my leftovers and that is Gaak! My wife can't stand the name, but even she asks for seconds. So, it really doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it's good. I am reminded of a segment of the movie "City Slickers" where Cookie says, "the food is brown, hot and plenty of it."

There is a time (anniversaries, birthdays, special nights, holidays) when a fancy table should be set. All other times concentrate on your food, on the flavors. It's nice for a plate to look good, but it's best if the food tastes good. If you have the time, arrange the food to where it looks attractive. If you can't place garnishments, don't worry about it. I bother with garnishments only on holidays and those generally consist of mint, chives and parsley. As I said I don't do many flashy things. That is not my way or who I am. You may be different. I have to be me and you have to be you.

Oh, this one is very important. Serve a good wine with the meal or dessert that you have. If you're not certain which one is best, do research online or find a good local winery that can help you. The wrong wine can ruin a good thing. Don't be cheap! A good bottle of wine can be had for around $10.00 - $13.00. Shy away from serving hard liquors and beer with dinners, they don't do anything for the flavors of the dish anyway (except for certain beer and brats and other types).

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Along with cooking and the website, I may have mentioned that music is one of my other hobbies. I am currently working on converting my older forms of music over to CD's. This is to diminish the space that the records and tapes are taking up. It will make my wife happy not to have to walk around all these records. She reminds me that the cookbooks take up enough shelf and floor space as it is. My wife suggested that when I do get all the equipment together that I should record for other people as well. Since this makes sense, when I have done a few burns onto CD and am comfortable, I just may record for others as a means of making money. It will help with paying for this website and getting other things for The Cooking Inn. So, don't be surprised if one day while browsing, you come across a web page for recording your favorite old recordings. I have been collecting the equipment for years to do this.

I have also been slowly building up my movie collection. A friend gave me an old RCA Select A Vision and I have about 2 dozen movies I can watch with that. It's a weird contraption, but it works. I also have a Laser Disc player and I have been getting good deals on the discs lately. Most with shipping run me $7.00 each, so I buy Laser Discs when I can. I have found some of my favorite movies in this format and I do prefer the picture quality over the DVD's. And speaking of DVD's I have several movies in this format as well, and of course the old standby VHS player I have as well, I have gotten some new movies in this format as well. So, I have found more ways to keep me entertained and keep the prices down as best as I can. I have found that not all the old movies will be put into DVD, so I look for things in VHS or Laser and since I can't afford the ridiculous prices for cable or a dish, I just buy the movies and I can watch them over and over.

I have received inquiries on what my favorite things are, so here are some of my favorite things.

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As some of you know through corresponding with me, I have been ill going on 10 years and on oxygen. I am more slow than I was before getting things done, but I am getting things done. The illness and the use of oxygen will pass one day as I am told. Until that day, I am basically trapped at home. It's nice that I can fall back onto my movies and music as I mentioned above. Thanks to all you well wishers, it's nice not to do this alone, as so many others do on a daily basis. Get to know those around you, help those that need help. The same kindness may be what you will need some day.

On those lines there was a time when on holidays the house was alive with family and friends. Now it's just me and the misses. Even on the holidays no one wants to come over anymore. Visits are few and far between.
If you have a loved one who is ill, don't throw them out to the sharks. Just because someone is ill or injured, doesn't meant that they are dead, YET!
A visit from a loved one will always perk a person up, they may even start to feel better. You will make a difference. Remember that.

An update, on Friday July 23rd, 2004 Becki and I were in a car accident. This has left us both rattled and we are currently being treated for our injuries. Needless to say, this hasn't helped me get any better and I have become extremely moody. It has also impaired me from doing research and other things for the website. As some people have observed, since I have been sending them to other websites. It's not that I want another website to get my traffic, but if I am temporarily unable to do something, I want the person who needs help to get that help. So, keep that in mind.

As of Tuesday Oct 26th, 2005 I am getting better. We have a new team of doctors for me and I am recovering from some weird bacterial infection and I am now on sedatives to help me relax a bit. I am going to sleep at a decent hour now and getting at least 6 hours of sleep every night now, that has been wonderful.

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As of February 2006, yet another new team of doctors, I hope that this one has brains where as the last set even left the lawyers miffed. My health hasn't improved much since Octobers update, it has actually gotten worse. We know we are dealing with an injury to my neck that the car accident brought on, so it's more pain killers and more B.S. from the doctors. I do know that I have been suffering from PTSD, this was flared by the car accident and is being traced back to my days in the Marine Corps, I am not sure what any of this means, all I want is to be able to get better, I had no idea that what happened while I was a Marine could have such a devastating effect on me so many years afterwards. We have learned a great deal in a short while on what happened back then, the car accident brought all of that back. Now I know why so many Veterans have a hard time with things, one minute they are fine and the next they are very different. This is very sad and it's also an uphill battle. Like everything else, the government is slow at accepting responsibility for what has happened to me and other Veterans. Does it's all in your head sound familiar, most Veterans I know aren't looking to get rich, we just want medical paid for and be able to live a comfortable life. I, would like to be able to buy a chair that I can sit in and get a bed that I can actually be comfortable in and get some sleep.

As of May 2009, many things have happened in the last year. I have had T.I.A's, which are mini strokes, than in June of last year I had a stroke and I still have a weak right eye to deal with and as long as I am on the coumadin from a DVT (blood clot in the leg) they found in September that broke off into two P.E.'s (Pulminary Embolisms) then there won't be any surgery to correct the eye. I just finished a battery of tests on May 6, 2009 so I hope to get those results soon.

I am still pursueing the Veteran's benifits, I was sent a letter that says I get medical and when I got there they said that was wrong. Talk about dashing hopes.

Other than that, I have been trying to keep up with the repairs on the house and trying not to go crazy for staying inside all the time and having very few people come over.

It is really sad when those who are sick or injured are left alone by family and friends.

On the subject of Terrorism:

Be a pawn, be a toy, be a good soldier that never questions orders. Man kills for his own purposes, do we really need a belief to kill? Isn't it time to stop being the pawn in a war where no one will ever be right? We have no reason to hate our brothers, we will never move ahead, if we can never leave our past and our past is that of war.

If you don't agree with my statements, then be mature enough to explain things in a coherent email. Any hate mail sent to me goes directly to the FBI along with all the stringers in the email. The government has been my big brother for years watching what I am doing. I have an International website, to expect all my activity isn't being watched is nuts, since the beginning of our government, we have been watched. Why get bent for being watched, if your not doing anything illegal, then you have nothing to worry about.

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May 2006, a warning for those who are veterans and or disabled. Do not waste your time with the following financial institutions; Vectra, Wells Fargo and HSBC Bank Nevada. These places say they care and are willing to work with you, but in reality are full of it. I have spent the last 2 years clearing up my credit and with the exception of the medical bills, I have done that.
However, although they say they do not count the medical, they can't seem to get around the medical. They only care if you have lots of money, they don't care if you have cleared some things up and have a moderate income. These institutions suck, you should avoid them. They only care about there bottom line and your not a part of it. Isn't it wonderful to know that our Armed Forces fight for crap companies like these!

May 2007, I have a new company to add to the crap ones and that is Countrywide. We have been trying to buy a house, they said if we paid off one of our creditors a place called Care Credit (which is another crap company) that they could get us a loan. They lied through there teeth. Not only did we not get the loan, but we got another ding on our credit because of all the crap they did. And speaking of crap, Care Credit who accepted $750.00 of what we owed them as payoff are now saying something different and want the rest. If our government had any balls and weren't so greedy, these crap companies would get what is coming to them. Sadly another crap company is Farmers Insurance, these creeps raised our insurance because of my credit, if anyone hears of a lawsuit against these creeps, please let me know. It's bad enough my credit is dinged because of a car accident, it is an insult that an insurance company does this to me even though we haven't been paid anything for the accident yet. The accident was a hit and run, our driving records are clean and yet because of the accident, we have to pay more, it is just not fair and these creeps need to be held accountable. So, please stay away from these crap companies.

If I find an institution that is good, I will post it.

I have checked with several local Credit Unions and they are offering the help we need, try your local Credit Union.

I would like to share a passage from a book called Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson

So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they are chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.

This is what Morrie conveyed to Mitch during a visit one time.

Keep checking back. Things change around here all the time


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