Cutting Board Repair

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I was recently asked about repairing a cutting board that has split. Now my experience is to break it at the split, drill holes in the side for dowles then glue it together with a water resistant glue. Clamp it for 24 hours to dry and sand where needed. Then oil with walnut or peanut oil. Or, as the first section says, use mineral oil. I have had success doing it this way in the past.

Lay the board out on the lawn in a sunny spot on a dewwy morning concave side down The theory is the concave side will absorb some moisture & swell while the convex side will dry out & shrink.
When you get it more or less flattened out you can try pressing it flatter.

Heating the center of the convex side of the warped wood and applying pressure will correct the problem. A wet cloth under a steam iron set to maximum heat may be used. However, if the wood is finished (polyeurethane, etc.), it will be damaged by the heat and steam; in such case you would need to remove the finish first.

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