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Grove Pepper:
See Bird Pepper

Guajillo Chile:
The skin of this dried chile is shiny-smooth and a deep, burnished red. The chile is very tough and must be soaked longer than most dried chiles. The flavorful guajillo is pointed, long and narrow (about 4 inches by 1 inch). Because it can be quite hot, the guajillo is also sometimes called the travieso (“mischievous”) chile in reference to its not-so-playful sting. It’s used in both sauces and cooked dishes.

Guero Chile:
Gueros are not as popular in ranch country as other green chiles, but are available in many stores. Guero means pale or blond in Spanish. Mexicans call Anglos "guero". Gueros are used mostly for salsas and salads and are available en escabeche (pickled) Other names: Fresno, Caribe, Yellow.

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