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White Hot:
Common in the United States, pod length is 1.245 inches and .25 inches wide. White pods are immature and red ones are mature.

White Wax Aji:
Common is South America, pods are 3-5 inches in length and .75 inches wide. Immature pods are white, mature pods are a reddish brown.

Wild Grove:
Pods are generally 1 inch in length and .25 inches in width. Immature pods are yellow-green while mature pods are red.

Wild Species:
Carried mainly by birds who have eaten the seeds, these seeds were then passed through the digestive tracts intact and were deposited on the ground encased in a perfect fertilizer. These chiles have erect , red fruits that are quite pungent. Some of these wild chiles botanical names are Capsicum Cardenasii (Boliva), Capsicum Chacoense (Argentina), Capsicum Chacoense (Bolivia), Capsieum Galapagoense (Galapagos Islands), and Capsieum Praetermissum (Brazil).

Wild Tabasco:
Common in Costa Rica, this chile is collected in the wild it's pods are .75 inches in length and .25 inches in width. Immature pods are yellow and mature pods are red.

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