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Pineapple - Chipotle Sauce

Pineapple and chiles chipotles are a fine combination of Mexican ingredients giving a smoky, spicy- hot flavor which has strong affinity for pork, especially grilled pork, roasted tenderloin, or pork chops.

1-1/2 c Crushed Pineapple (unsweetened) retaining juice
2 Canned Chiles Chipotles, mashed
1/2 c Mexican Pineapple Vinegar * Juice
2 or 3 tblsp Key Lime
3 tsp Dried Oregano, crushed between palms of hands
Salt and Pepper to Taste

* Substitute apple cider vinegar if you must.

Cook the pineapple juice, chiles chipotles, and vinegar. After boiling for a couple minutes, reduce heat and simmer until liquid coats back of spoon. Remove from heat stir in the balance of the ingredients adjusting salt and pepper to your taste.
Pour sauce into serving dish so guests may use as they desire with their grilled pork. If using chicken, substitute cilantro for oregano. I like this over steamed cauliflower.

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