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Award Overview

The Cooking Inn recognizes the talent, the genius, the eye for design, and articulateness that is needed to become a web master in weaving outstanding content-rich, valuable web sites. This recognition catalyzed the creation of these five awards: as a small gesture of appreciation for the effort, time and dedication involved in the engineering of superb web sites.

These awards are intended to honor web site creators who show the devotion and continual learning necessary to help the site evolve into a consistent environment of beauty, insight, creative genius, and factual, valuable content. This takes effort, diligence and courage with a continual vision of the finished masterpiece.

Unlike other award sites, there are no hidden words that you must waste time trying to find or figure out where they are. Some of these places do a good job of hiding them. In the end the Award they offer is not worth your effort. You must however read all the criteria, failure to send the Award in the appropriate time frame will be an automatic disqualification.

As I mention in the Criteria section your code is one of the things that is looked into. Now, some web designs work with multiple environments, these are very complex. I have actually lost an award from a supposed 5.0 web awards site that said I have bad code. I came to find out later that the coding software they use is to pick apart sites that are made with Mac software and use Internet Explorer 4.1, now this is really crude of a web site to say one sites codes are bad when they don't have the proper means to check the code.

These awards are not a cinch to win: if you do not win the first time, please review your site for what still needs improving. After 3 months you are welcome to re-apply.


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