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Now with Coffee comes the warnings. I myself for the most part am down to 50/50 Coffee (half regular and half decaf). Now I am none too sure if all these warnings are warranted.

For me coffee is an essential part of life. I start my day off with a pot (4 cups) of Coffee. When I visit people or go places, I have Coffee. Nothing like a good cup of Coffee to get started on a day that drags on and on.

I did drink Coffee real heavy at one time and I got the jitters and a twitch. That is when the doc said to cut back the quantity. I am doing better, I had to make adjustments. I still have my Coffee and enjoy it as well.

I have a thought here on heartburn in regards to coffee. Maybe the coffee is a little responsible, maybe what you use as a cream is more responsible. I stopped using the mocha mix and creamers. For my coffee, I just use rice dream. When I am out on the town, I just use milk. All those chemical additives we have been using in place of natural things is what is hurting us (well, at least me).

Recently I was sent a sample of Soy Coffee. No, no misspelling here. This Soy Coffee came from the folks at, this was and is an unusual Coffee. It has no caffeine. To me it had a nutty flavor to it and the first cup does take some getting used to. I will not trade my regular coffee for this Soy Coffee, but I will keep some on hand for when I want something hot and I don't want regular or decaffeinated Coffee.

Have you ever run low or completely out of coffee? Here are some ways to make your own coffee or to stretch what little that you have, coffee substitutes.

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