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A secondary coffee taste sensation characterized by a predominantly stinging, sour sensation on the posterior sides of the tongue. Caused by higher-than-normal percentage of sour acids and an insufficient percentage of either sugars or salts. Coffee that strikes the palette by mixed sensation. Bitterness and astringency are not are not enveloped by roundness of body. A hard coffee is poorly balanced. Indicates the quality of the coffee ranking as a matter of degree from strictly soft, soft, softish, softish/hardish, hardish, hard, Rioy.

Acrid. Sensation at the same time bitter and astringent, raspy, and disagreeable. Particularly found in some poor quality robusta coffees. Often due to imperfect beans.

A moderately high level of solid material suspended in the coffee beverage. Result of fine particles of bean fiber and insoluble proteins present in pronounced amounts.

Heavy Roast:
Coffee beans roasted to a very dark brown, with a shiny surface; equivalent to Italian Roast.

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An aromatic sensation created by a highly volatile set of aldehydes and esters found in coffee's aroma. Produces either an sensation reminiscent of an onion or green vegetable.

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An odor taint that gives the coffee beans a tallowy and leather-like odor. Result of a breakdown of fats in the coffee beans, due to an excessive amount of heat applied in the drying process during harvesting, usually when dried with a mechanical dryer.

Refers to conventional type of instant coffee having an undesirable acidity due to treatment. Generally associated with over-extraction.

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