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Keep in mind that these results were done in a controlled environment. You will either have the same results or not.
Humidity does play a factor in storing foods.
The food we keep either stays as long as the following or longer.

Other Goods:

Approximate Storage Times

Product At 70°F Comments

Cheese, parmesan 10 months or expiration date

Refrigerate after opening; keep tightly covered

shredded, canned or packaged unopened 12 months

Refrigerate after opening.

Meat substitutes (imitation bacon, etc.) 4 months

Keep tightly covered; refrigerate for longer storage

Powdered breakfast mixes, liquid breakfast formulas 6 months

Stored in covered containers or original packages

in shell unopened 4 months

vacuum can unopened 3 months

Refrigerate after opening; freeze for longer storage

package or can opened 2 weeks

Unsalted and blanched keep longer than salted

Peanut butter:
unopened 6-9 months or date on package

6-9 months

opened 2-3 months

Keeps longer if refrigerated. Use at room temperature.

Peas & beans, dried 12 months

Store in airtight container

Popcorn 2 years

Store in airtight container

Vegetables, fresh:
onions 2 weeks

Keep dry and away from sun

Potatoes, white 2-4 weeks

For longer storage, keep below 50įF

Potatoes, sweet 1-2 weeks

Donít refrigerate sweet potatoes

Whipped topping, dry 12 months

Keep cool and dry.

Yeast, dry Expiration date on package

Freeze to extend shelf life

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