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Asparagus:   Asparagus stalks in a ring of pimiento are easily prepared as a garnish for the cold meat platter or for broiled lamb chops.

Bananas:   Bananas and pimeapple slices broiled with ground beef patties strike a high note in thirfty main dishes.

Carrots:   Carrots, boiled until tender and rolled in melted butter and finely chopped mint, make a fine accompaniment for roast leg o'lamb.

Cauliflower:   Cauliflower flowerettes, sprinkled with paprika, placed in a border around a slice of ham accent it's color and flavor.

Cut leaf-shaped pieces from the top of the green pepper to be stuffed with ground meat and insert "leaves" perkily in the top stuffing.

Cut sides, ends and top from a loaf of bread. Scoop out center. Brush with melted butter and brown in oven. Fill with creamed veal. Garnish with slices of hard-cooked eggs, black olives and parsley.

Meat pie takes on quite an air if the baking powder biscuits are cut in cresent shape with one round bisquit in the middle.

Meat loaf baked in a ring mould and served with the center filled with small small buttered onions amd glazed carrots around the outside makes a very good appearance.

Radish:   Radish roses with a few sprigs of crisp parsley are garnish enough for a broiled beef steak. To make the roses, cut straight down almost to the bottom on four sides; then cut a smaller petal on each of the large ones. Crisp in ice water.

Score the fat of a whole baked ham with a circular cookie cutter, having the circles interlocking. Outline the circles with finely chopped maraschino cherries and place a ring cut from cherry in center of each circle.

Slice cucumbers almost but not quite through. Place a thin slice of radish between each two slices of cucumber. These look fine on platter of steak or chops.

Spinach:   Spinach, shaped into cups and filled with spiced beets, gives a different tone to beef pot roast.

Tomato:   Tomato halves, topped with cottage cheese and sprinkled with chopped chives, are both decorative and flavorful with cold meat loaf.

A Tomato flower will dress up any meat salad plate. Cut the peeled tomato in petal-shaped sections, not quite to the bottom. Seperate and place a slice of cucumber between the petals. Top with mayonnaise and serve in a lettuce cup.

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