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As with all things, make sure if it is a warm dish that it stays warm by using a warmer plate, a chaffing dish, a buffet dish or a crock pot.
If it is a cold dish, keep it cold. You can put a ice bowl under the food that needs to stay cold.
Keep your celebrations happy ones.
You don't want to give your guests food poisoning, it is something no one wants to go through or remember how they got it.
Simple safety precautions should always be used.
Speaking of percautions, try and find out about allergies to foods your guests might have.
Peanuts still remain the dealiest of reactions, followed by shellfish and scallions. You can't know everything, just try and be alert. Keep Benadryl on hand (Benadryl wlll cause sleepiness, dizziness, some cordination loss. Just be aware) If there is an allergic reaction, watch for hives and swelling of the throat, Hospital immeditely..

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