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Like most people who are now familiar with the Red campaign, it is our hope that this will go further than Africa. This epidemic is worldwide, many people are afflicted with this.

Education on how to prevent this is still very important. All the medication in the world is no good if people are not educated on how to stop this. A condom* is the best form of prevention for this disease, regardless of what your religion says, use a condom*.

* conĚdom (kon-duhm)

A flexible sheath, usually made of thin rubber or latex, designed to cover the penis or vagina during sexual intercourse for contraceptive purposes or as a means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Like all charities, be watchful of scams and report any counterfeit Red products you may come across.

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The following company is not part of the Red campaign, they have been in business with there name since 1999 and recently started an agressive ad campaign; Red Envelope.
Remember, just because they have the word Red in there name does not mean they are part of this campaign. Always check the company to make sure they are part of the campaign if that is what you are supporting.

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