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We have many links from The Cooking Inn to other websites.

Through the years we have been approached by other websites to exchange links and if their is something we like our viewers to see or if it's relevant to something we will have a link to the website that it is in reference to.

Now I have sent emails to all the places I am linked to stating that we have linked to their website, sometimes I send emails to exchange links other times I do it simply to let them know we have a link and what it pertains to. This gives them a chance to look at the website and decide if they want the link to stay.

Most websites want the link to stay, very few have opted out.

One has to remember that just because we have a link to another's website that we are not endorsing anything nor are they endorsing us, it is an exchange of knowledge.

Some links are paid links, meaning companies are willing to pay for placement on The Cooking Inn.

As of Jan 2007 we are averaging 400,000 hits a month. I am on top of the search engines every month getting this website placed and keeping with adding more information has really helped our numbers and is bringing us more viewers.

Links are an important part of most websites. I constantly go through all the links making sure a link hasn't gone bad or a website has been bought out by unscrupulous people trying to trick people to their trash sites.

If you would like to trade links, be a sponsor or have found a questionable link, please email us at

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