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This month I am going to bypass any recipes. During my search for recipes on the internet, which I am sorry to say is few and far between, I stumbled across the site of Roger MacDougall who has gone thru his own experience with MS. Remember as always to check with your doctor before changing your diet or getting of any meds.

You must cut out gluten rigidly. That means you should avoid all use of Wheat, Barley, Oats, and Rye, all of which contain gluten, and this includes foods made from or containing these grains or the gluten from them, such as Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Wheat Germ Flakes, Froment, All-Bran, white and brown bread, cakes, puddings, biscuits, porridge, rye and wheat crispbreads, all kinds of pasta, semolina, Bisto, etc. Eat nothing that has even a pinch of flour in it. In this respect your diet must be as strict as that of someone suffering from coeliac disease.

In my opinion you would be wise to take this precaution even if gluten sensitivity is not yet apparent in your system.

Also, completely cut out all refined sugar. This is advice I would give to anyone whether or not sugar is shown to be an allergen. Nowadays, most medical authorities would agree on this.

It is possible that honey and fructose (fruit sugar) may me less damaging to your system.

You should severely limit your intake of animal fats. Cut out all dairy products and margarines. Use olive oil, sunflower or safflower seed oil for cooking and salads.

Fried foods are the hardest to digest, so please try to reduce your intake.
Avoid all highly-saturated fats such as beef, pork, ham, goose, duck, mutton and lamb fats. Bacon, too, should be avoided. Whenever you can, eat offal (liver, kidney, tongue, sweetbread, etc.) in preference to meat. Eat free-range animals (venison, rabbit, poultry) in preference to domestic animals. Always remove the fat from your meat.

In domestic animals, the ratio of adipose (harmful) fat to structural (essential) fat can be 50 to one. In free-range animals it is 2 to one.

Beer, gin, whisky, vodka, sweetened fruit juices and bottled fizzy drinks are not permitted.

Some of the above recommendations may conflict with the results of your own judgment. In effect, I am putting you in charge of your own body. I have told you what I did to achieve the control and improvement of my own condition. I have also given you access to a scientific method of helping you to make your own decisions. I can do no more.

Unfortunately, i cannot say "do this", "don't do that". individual responses to the foods we eat usually vary too widely for any general rules to be appropriate.
This is why I am always suspicious of diets which are alleged to control specific degenerative diseases. There is always a diet for an individual with such a disease, but it is for the individual not for the disease. A diet must always be tailor-made to suit a specific metabolism.

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