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Recently at a visit to First Church of the Nazarene here in Pueblo, Colorado I read a note that was included with the weekly flyer the Church hands out. This basically discusses helping the Pastor and their family out. I have been to many Churches and most of the Pastors hold a full time job along with being a Pastor.

Most people do not see or realize that just because one is a Pastor, that a Church actually makes enough to support them. Do you really know how the money is divided? A Church has bills to pay just like any business does. You have a mortgage, utilities, vehicles, insurance, equipment and material. It takes a lot to run a Church, that is why everyones help is needed. It is not just money that you should donate.

To tithe is not the only option that you have. One must donate some time and energy to the Church and to the Pastor. It is up to the congregation to assist a Pastor and their family in everyday living. We count on our Pastor to teach us, is it really asking so much for the members of the congregation to help out the Pastor and the Church for that matter?

Ways you can show your Pastor and their family how much they are appreciated.

Give your Pastor and their family a gift certificate to one of their favorite restaurants.

Invite the Pastor and their family over for their favorite meal.

Call one night and send over a pizza to the family.

Make something homemade and deliver it to them, like a pie or cake.

Cook a dinner and deliver it.

Surprise them by delivering a bunch of groceries.

Offer to watch their kids so they can get some time away.

Pitch in with other members of the Church for an overnight getaway for the Pastor.

There are various people around North America who own condominiums that will offer them free to PAstors and their families for a weekend retreat, vacation, prayer time,etc. A member of the congregation could hunt one of these down.

Submit an open letter to your local newspaper expressing appreciation for your Pastor.

Get together with several friends in the Church and give the Pastor and their spouse a large gift; perhaps tickets to a play and dinner; or a large gift certificate to a department store.

Treat your Pastor to a favorite sporting event of theirs.

One of the greatest ways to do something nice for the Pastor is to do something nice for their children. Saying a kind word to them or buying them a gift certificate is at times even more meaningful to the Pastor than receiving something themselves.

Do you know that many Pastors families don't even have a computer to work on? Gather a number of people together and buy a good used computer or buy on at a department store like Wal-Mart for $500.00.

You can help in so many ways, all you have to do is ask.

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