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Love Sex Lust Sex

Feb 27, 2007
by John Sutton

A lot of talk recently on how 50% of Christians have viewed some kind of porn on their computers in the last 10 years. With the advent of the internet, it has become easier to be fooled into viewing porn and when you are on there, they hook you into staying.
One sees things they have never seen before and they want it. They first try to get their spouse into it, but she has better morals and refuses, he then goes to places he has never been before and engages in activities he has never done before.
He does this for a while and his life at home and his life at work change. His family no longer knows who he is, his co-workers may think he is a cool guy now going through some mental changes. He is driven by sexual lust. His sexual love no longer exists.
He has now left his family, the divorce what a terrible thing.
He meets another woman at a sex joint, she gives him everything he wants.
Only he wants more and more and more.
She refuses.
He feels a rage he has never felt before. A feeling comes over him, just for a moment. In that moment she is dead.
He flees, not sure of what just happened. He is scared.
He runs going from place to place never looking anyone in the face.
He is now living on the streets. another shriveled up nameless face talking to himself.
The years go by, the torment of that night finally taken it's toll on his mind.
He is found in the alley, he is taken to a hospital and cleaned up and treated.
The cops run his finger prints, he is wanted for questioning in the death of a woman in a neighboring state.
He is sent back to the authorities where the crime took place.
He is sent to trial and found guilty of murder.
The headline reads "Ex Prominent Executive Found Guilty Of Murder".
The article tells of a sad story. A loving husband and father, respected by peers at work, was sucked into the seedy underground by porn from the Internet into a life with no respect.
Now rotting in jail he himself gives all the sex others want. All he can do now is wait to die. He now is HIV positive, not from his fun that he had with the women he was doing that destroyed his life, but from being raped in jail.
At least his time is short.
If he would have stayed home and been with his love (his wife) and not ventured out to be with lust, he would still have a happy family today.
Lust and Sex are not the way to go. Love and Sex is the best thing to do. If you love the one you are with or if you wait for that person, you can have great sex.
If you stray from that, you will lose everything.

The above outcome may or may not happen. It could affect a man or a woman. Any similarity to a fiction or non fiction person or character is just that, a similarity. If you don't want to wind up like the above character, change your ways.

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