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Recently a retired Pastor said to me

"I'd rather have a restored pastor who walked with the Lord and had genuinely repented of sin than to have a pharisee for a pastor."

Gal 6:1 says "ye which are spiritual restore such a one."

He goes on to say "The reason most of the brethren do not restore the fallen is because sadly they just are not spiritual."

If your a Pastor, Deacon, Reverend, Priest or someone with authority and you need to vent or seek help, I have a vast network of people waiting to help. There is no charge for this. If you need help, send me an email at (MOG stands for Men of God), either myself or a network member will get back to you.

This is absolutely confidential.

We can provide non-financial support to those who have committed crimes to members of their flock, however we cannot provide sanctuary from the law. Laws are in place to protect those in your flock. A fling with a member is not as heinous as raping or stealing from them, but sin is sin.

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