Glossary of Sausage and Prepared Meat Terminology

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Of Interest:

Sausage Types

Sausage Ingredients

Sausage Temperature

Sausage Casings

Sausage Equipment

Sausage Recipes

Recipes can also be found within the Terminology section.

Serious about making Sausage? Let's Begin

Oven Processing

Smoker Processing


The History of Sausage Making


Eating Healthy Sausage

Some of the Information in this section is from:

Home Sausage Making ImageHome Sausage Making : How-To Techniques for Making and Enjoying 100 Sausages at Home by Charles Reavis.

The Sausage Making Cookbook ImageThe Sausage Making Cookbook by Jerry Predika.

The Great Book of Sausages ImageThe Great Book of Sausages by Antony Hippisley Coxe.

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