Sausage Recipes

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Sausage Recipes and Procedures

The following pages list recipes and procedures for the sausages listed below. Each recipe is based upon a batch size of 10 pounds of meat.

Meat types are suggested for each sausage. However, substitutions of other meats of similar fat content can be made with only minor flavor effects on the product. For example, lean venison could be substituted for the lean meats in any of the recipes. Often pork or beef containing some fat are included with venison to enhance eating quality. The composition of the sausages is really up to the producers' preferences.

Fresh Pork Sausage

Fresh pork sausage is a mixture of pork meats, salt and spices which has been ground or chopped with no added water or extenders. Fat content usually ranges from 35 to 50% depending upon individual preference.

Formulas -- for 10# of pork trimmings

A. Mild
3.0 oz. salt
0.7 oz. sugar
0.5 oz. white pepper
0.2 oz. ginger
0.15 oz. rubbed sage

B. Spicy or hot (red pepper may vary depending on taste)
3.2 oz. salt
0.6 oz. sugar
0.6 oz. white pepper
0.15 oz. rubbed sage
0.15 oz. ginger
0.4 oz. mace
0.4 oz. thyme
0.4 oz. red pepper
0.8 oz. monosodium glutamate

Mix spices with trimmings; grind once through 3/8" plate and then through 3/16" plate. Use in bulk form, stuff in natural casings (pork rounds) or collagen casings.

Italian Style Pork Sausage

This is a coarse ground fresh sausage which is normally pan-fried or broiled. The most popular style is broiled in a large spiral roll (snail like) on a grill until tender.

10.0 lbs. lean pork trimmings (65% lean)
2.4 oz. salt
0.4 oz. fennel seed
0.4 oz. crushed red pepper
0.2 oz. ground black pepper
0.2 oz. white pepper
0.2 oz. paprika
0.2 oz. coriander (optional)
0.4 chopped fresh parsley (optional)
2 garlic cloves, minced (optional)

Grind the pork trimmings through a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch plate. Mix the seasoning with the trimmings thoroughly and stuff in natural casings or size 30 to 36 collagen casings. Hang overnight in 38°F refrigeration for spices to marinate.

Recipe from: A. E. Reynolds, Extension Meat Specialist, Michigan State University


7.5 lbs. pork trim
2.5 lbs. beef trim
10.0 lbs. pork trim (80% lean)
3.2 oz. salt
0.8 oz. sugar
8.0 oz. crushed ice
3.2 oz. non-fat dry milk
2.0 oz. fresh chopped onion
0.5 oz. ground white pepper
0.15 oz. lemon juice
0.013 oz. ground allspice (.04 gm)
0.1 oz. ground celery seed

Grind beef and pork separately through 3/8 inch plate. Regrind beef with onions and half the ice through 1/8 inch plate. Mix all remaining ingredients and remaining ice with ground beef and onion. Add pork and mix thoroughly. Regrind through 3/16 inch plate. Stuff into 32-35 mm hog casings and link. Cook in 170°F water for 10 minutes. Cool in 40°F cooler.

Nurnberger Bratwurst

This is a bratwurst still very common in Nurnberg, West Germany. It is usually grilled and served 8 to 10 per serving. It goes well with German (hot) potato salad or raw sauerkraut.

4.5 lbs. lean pork (80% lean)
5.5 lbs. regular pork trim (50% lean)
1.4 lbs. ice
3.2 oz. salt
0.4 oz. white pepper
0.1 oz. mace
0.2 oz. marjoram
0.05 oz. dried shredded lemon peel

Grind meat through 3/4 inch plate. Blend ice and spices in mixer for 30 seconds. Add meat and mix until all ingredients are well distributed. Chop to a coarse texture (rice kernel size particles) in a silent cutter, or alternatively grind through a 1/4 inch plate. Stuff into 15 mm sheep casings and link every 2 1/2 to 3 inches.

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