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Polish Sausage

Polish sausage is made of coarsely-ground lean pork with some added beef. The basic spice characteristics for this well known sausage are garlic and marjoram.

Fresh Kielbasa:

9.0 lbs. boneless pork shoulders (80% lean)
1.0 lb. beef trimmings
4.8 oz. shaved ice
1.6 oz. dextrose
0.5 oz. white pepper
0.3 oz. mustard seed
0.2 oz. marjoram (leaf)
0.1 oz. granulated garlic
0.2 oz. monosodium glutamate
0.2 oz. nutmeg
3.6 oz. salt

Grind through 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch plate and stuff into small diameter collagen casings or natural pork rounds. This sausage may then be smoked if desired. Further cooking is required. Sodium nitrite (see instructions) may be added to the fresh Kielbasa if a pink color is desired.

Holiday or Smoked Kielbasa

4.0 lbs. lean pork trimmings (85% lean)
3.0 lbs. lean beef trimmings (90% lean)
3.0 lbs. regular pork trimmings (50% lean)
1.0 lb. shaved ice
Sodium nitrite (see instructions)

Use the same spices as for Fresh Kielbasa. Grind lean beef through 1/8 inch plate and pork trimmings through 3/16 inch plate. Add cure, seasonings and ice and mix thoroughly. Stuff in natural hog casings and smoke at 90-100°F for 12 hours. Raise temperature gradually to 165-170°F and cook until internal temperature reaches 150°F.

Recipe from: A. E. Reynolds, Extension Meat Specialist, Michigan State University

Coarse Ground Bologna (Country Style)

Bologna is named after the city of Bologna, Italy, where it was first produced. It is normally stuffed into large diameter cellulose or fibrous casings (No. 4 or 6) and natural beef middle or beef bung casings. The following formulas may be changed in meat content depending upon meats available.

Meat Formula No. 1:
3.2 lbs. regular pork trimmings (60/40 lean/fat) 3.2 lbs. lean pork trimmings (85/15)
3.6 lbs. lean beef trimmings (85/15)
6.4 oz. dried skim milk (optional)

Meat Formula No. 2:
8.0 lbs. lean beef chucks
2.0 lbs. regular pork trimmings

2.0 lbs. ice
4.4 oz. salt
0.8 oz. sugar
0.4 oz. ground white pepper
0.1 oz. coriander
0.1 oz. mace
Sodium nitrite (see instructions)
2.4 oz. onion, fresh grated
or 0.1 oz. grated garlic (optional ingredients)

Grind meat through a 1/4 inch plate. Add seasonings, cure and ice to meat and mix thoroughly. Stuff mix into casings of type and size desired and hang overnight in 38°F cooler. Product should then be placed in a smokehouse and smoked at 110-l20°F until good color develops. The bologna is then cooked in the smokehouse by gradually raising the smokehouse temperature to 165-175°F and cooking until an internal temperature of 150°F is reached. The product may be water cooked after smoking by placing the bologna in a water bath at 160-165°F and cooking until an internal temperature of 150°F is obtained. After cooking, the bologna should be placed in a cold water bath or shower for 12 or 15 minutes or until the internal temperature is reduced to 90-100°F. Place the product under refrigeration until used.

NOTE: For improved texture and product quality, start water cooking at 120°F and slowly raise water temperature to 160-165°F.

Recipe from: Service Manual of Union Carbide Corporation


6.0 lbs. beef
4.0 lbs. pork
2.5 lbs. ice
3.2 oz. salt
0.7 oz. sugar
0.5 oz. ground white pepper
0.3 oz. ground coriander
0.2 oz. ground nutmeg
0.1 oz. ground mustard
Sodium nitrite (see instructions)

Grind beef and pork through a 1/4 inch plate. If a silent cutter is available, chop the beef with the salt, nitrite, and half the ice to a temperature of 45°F. Add the pork, spices and remaining ice, and chop until proper texture is achieved, but not beyond a temperature of 58°F in the meat mixture. If a silent cutter is not available, a coarser textured product can be made by grinding the beef through a 1/8 inch plate and mixing thoroughly with the ice, cure, salt and spices. Grind the pork through a 1/8 inch plate and add to mixture. Blend until a uniform consistency is achieved. Stuff into natural or cellulose casings and hold over night at 40°F. Wieners are cooked in the smokehouse by slowly increasing the temperature from 130-170°F. Smoke may be applied during all or part of the cooking period.

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