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Macaroni and Cheese Loaf (cooked meat specialty):
Made of finely ground pork and beef with generous quantities of Cheddar cheese and macaroni distributed throughout.

Mettwurst (uncooked, smoked sausage):
Cured beef and pork, ground and lightly spiced with allspice, ginger, mustard and coriander, smooth; spreadable consistency; cook before serving.

Milano Salami (dry sausage):
Principally cured lean pork, coarsely chopped and some finely chopped lean beef; frequently moistened with red wine or grape juice; usually highly seasoned with garlic and various spices; air dried; chewy texture.

Minced Luncheon Specialty
(sandwich spread; cooked meat specialty) :
(sandwich spread; cooked meat specialty) Made of lean beef and pork trimmings; cured; finely ground, spiced.

Mortadella (semi-dry sausage):
Italian-style sausage composed of very finely chopped, cured pork and beef with added cubes of white fat; delicately spiced with garlic and anise; smoked at high temperature; air dried.

Mortadella, German Style
(cooked meat specialty) :
High grade, finely chopped bologna with cubes of fat pork and pistachio nuts added; smoked at high temperature.

Mutton Sausage:
From England, this is a recipe from the West Country

1 lb (450g) lean mutton
4 oz (100g) mutton suet
4 oz (100g) breadcrumbs
2 oz (50g) boiled bacon or ham, roughly chopped

Mince the meat and suet, mix in the breadcrumbs and bacon, moisten with stock if necessary, and fill into casings.

Another recipe gives five parts of mutton to two parts of pork and one of rusk (biscotte), moistened with fresh sheep's blood.

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