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This section on Lamb Grading is in response to the following email we received:

Hello, my name Ruddy from Indonesia and now I am a Collegian in Padjadjaran University in Bandung, I realize my university library not complete as in US, here we don`t have a complete book reference especially for sheep. now i search about leg conformation score in determine yield grade in lamb grading for my skripsi and in my university library not have about that. Then I knew from internet about determine leg score is in `Sheep Raiser`s Manual` by William Kruesi in page 200 and in my university library not have that book.

As with all requests, we do what we can. The best thing to do with this was to copy the entire Chapter 16 of Sheep Raiser`s Manual. Here at The Cooking Inn, we do what we can to help educate the world. It is how we help and we are happy to do it.

Each page will take a bit to load if your using a 56k or lower modem. I optimized the best I could without loosing any of the quality.

  • Lamb Grading:

    You can buy the book through our link with Amazon by clicking below on the image.

    Sheep Raiser's Manual Image The Sheep Raiser's Manual by William K. Kruesi.

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