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In order to stay healthy, I have done several things throughout the years to avoid illnesses.

Remember the old saying of washing your hands after going to the bathroom?
Do you know how many people go the entire day without washing there hands?
If you continually get sick all the time, your problem may be something as simple as washing your hands several times a day. Don't go overboard and wash constantly, just a few times a day especially after going to public places.
In regards to hands, if you haven't washed your hands for a while, do not rub your eyes, studies have shown that eyes are a place where illness can come in at, if you have germs on your hands and rub your eyes, you may catch something that you could have avoided.
Most super markets now have disinfectant towels to wipe the shopping cart with, it is a good idea to do this if you can.
Now if you're like me, you drink water all day. Now you have to keep your drinking vessel clean, I wash mine several times a week in the dishwasher. If you do things by hand, make sure you are rinsing with hot water (not hot enough to burn yourself with).
Staying healthy means you have to keep your living area clean, wear clean clothes, bath or shower several times a week. Some people have listened and keep there kitchen and bathroom cleaned and that's it. If you don't keep all of your home cleaned, insects and rodents will move in. Desease is present in a lot of rodents, fleas and the mosquitoes. Not much you can do with the mosquitoes but use something like Off or it's equivalent. Oh, when using something like Off as soon as you can take a shower or bath to get that off of you, remember it's a chemical and although no studies show it's bad for you, none have shown it's good for you either.
So, keep yourself and your home clean.

I have several air cleaners. When you are sleeping at night, you are trying to energize your body. If you live or work in an area that has pollution like say Denver, Colorado up to past Ft. Collins, Colorado you will need an air cleaner. This will help clean up the air in your home.
If you have allergies to dirt, dust and pollen an air cleaner will help you as well. You don't need the most expensive thing on the market, you will need to buy one from a company that has been around for a while, the main reason for this is so you can still buy the filters for it for years down the road.
If you can't find filters locally, try online before going out and buying another air cleaner. Now some air cleaners have those Ionizers in them, I think people are not trained properly on how to use them or sell them. If you have a problem with high humidity, you do not want an Ionizer. I had nothing but problems when we did a trial with one of those, yes the air was fresher, but my lungs couldn't handle it. Always try something for at least a week before committing to it. If a company won't let you try it, then they already know it's a bad product.
You can also go to Wal-Mart or Home Depot and buy air cleaners and try them, you have a month to return most items, ask if your not sure.

Now in the old days people would clean there carpets by hanging them on the clothesline and hit them with a broom. On some of the carpets and rugs we have that can't be vacuumed or washed, we clean them the old fashioned way. Sometimes new technology just isn't enough.

Now most people have heard that vitamins and minerals are good for you. If your like me, you just haven't found the right combination. I have asked for a blood test several times to see what my body is lacking and so far my medical care places has no clue as to what I am talking about, I really shouldn't be surprised, they are the ones who keep trying to force unneeded and unwanted meds down my throat.

On to food. I know when I eat fruit, that I do feel better, however I don't really care for fruit and I have a hard time buying fruit and then eating it. It's one of those do you want to get healthy and stay healthy things. I love eating salads, but I am not to keen on making them. Sometimes the salad mix does go bad and I feel bad when this happens. Part of my problem lies with the depression, those of you who suffer with depression know of this all to well. If your like me, your doctors have given you more crap medications to take that do nothing for your depression and only cause more health problems. This is another area where greed will win over common sense. To HELL with the corrupt medical community I say. Doctors are supposed to care about you and make you better, not give you crap that will only kill you and then the bastards don't say what they have found until after it's been made public that so many have died. Have any of the Pharmaceutical company execs been tried for murder? (NO!). They knowingly put things on the market all the time that are bad for people. To make matters worse the places that are supposed to protect us take bribes. We all know every part of the government is corrupt and greed is what has caused it. It is sad really, not all officials are bad, it's interesting when elections come, you know who has the money, all those pricey ads that fool voters. There should be a limit as to how much they can spend and they should all take a lie detector test before there names are ever considered to be put on the ballot along with a complete background check to see how much money special interest groups (lobbyist) have been giving them so they can vote there way and not our way.

Ok, I can see that I have gotten off track again, that usually happens when I talk about treatments and medications, because I have been screwed before. If a doctor says you need a medicine called Bextra, say no. I had seizures for years and when I stopped taking the Bextra which they gave me for inflammation of my lungs, the seizures started to go away and then stopped all together. When I see a new doctor I tell them right up front that I do not like medication and if they are pawns of the Pharmecutical companies to let me know now because I will never come back and I will find another doctor, my health is to important to leave in the care of someone who gets perks from those companies. To me they are not doctors, they have no knowledge of how to do things on there own and worse they have what was called in the old days no Bedside Manners.

Now if you can afford it, try to see a Chiropractor, a body that is aligned will help to keep you healthy and walking upright. There are also holistic doctors, do your homework with anyone in the medical field, if your not sure find someone else to go to. Some holistic doctors have no clue as to what they are doing, just like regular doctors, however a bad diagnosis from either can kill you.
Some holistic doctors do this thing with a drop of blood and it's basically a cholesterol test, this shows you what the cholesterol looks like in your body and they give you these vitamins that will clean it out. However, getting your regular doctor to see this and not give you those statin crap drugs is different story. Medicare and Medicade should look at these alternative forms of treatment, they are cheaper and a healthier alternative to the crap the drug companies are pushing, but there again comes in the greed.

Back to food again, we buy lean meats when possible, I cut back a lot of fat, but not all the fat, fat is needed for flavor and a little fat has never been proven to be bad for the body. I skin the chicken and soak it in salt water, this gives it a cleaner taste since the salt help to remove more of the blood. Oh, speaking of meats we usually buy the bulk stuff, we have determined that if we leave the meat in the frig for a few days and then opened it to determine if it's bad or not will save is in the long run then just freezing it after we buy it. This last year we have had nothing but problems with bulk meat and if we put it in the freezer after buying it and then pulled it out a few months later only to find out that it's bad, we wouldn't be able to return it.

Vegetables are the one thing we do have every day and is very important. We have cut back on most bread products, we buy rye sourdough breads and wheat breads. We shy away from most things that have corn syrup in them, which is basically anything that is packaged these days. Although the USDA will never say anything corn syrup is one of the things making people fat and may also be another reason why diabetes is spreading so rampant amongst the kids and also the elders. Most companies have done away with using regular sugar because corn syrup is so cheap, however it's the corn syrup which is contributing to obesity and illnesses. As I said we look very carefully at the labels and I have lost weight staying away form corn syrup items and items with Splenda and any other sugar substitute. I got the shakes big time with the Splenda after drinking a diet soda, so be careful.

Now then, these things are what myself and my wife are doing to try to stay healthy, these may or may not work for you. As everyone else states, do not use this information as a substitute for a doctor, although most gather how I feel about doctors, they are still needed and I pray and hope a change for the better is coming in reguards to healthcare.

So, try to stay healthy and if you have some suggestion, drop me a line and I will include them on the website.

John Sutton
July 26, 2006

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