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Recently while sitting in a Dentists office I picked up a copy of Backyard Living Magazine. It had lots of interesting articles and helpful hints. When I got to the back of the magazine, I came across something in there Backyard Blunders section. This is what is said.

Taste Test

My wife Joyce, is a diabetic and makes sure that everything that comes out of our kitchen is properly prepared.
When I purchased a new Hummingbird feeder, I asked Joyce for her recipe for Hummingbird nectar. Coming to my rescue, she made a mixture of 4 parts water to 1 part sugar, boiled and cooled, so I could fill the feeder.
It didn't take long for the neighborhood Hummingbirds to discover our feeder, but for some reason they'd just hover. I watched closely one day and saw that those that did eat would shiver a bit after taking a sip, then fly away.
I called Joyce over to see for herself. Then it hit her. Out of habit, she added her sugar substitute to the mixture instead of real sugar. We laughed until our sides hurt, and immediately pleased the Hummingbirds by putting out real sugar water.

Written by Steve Marshburn of Jacksonville, N.C.
Published in ©Backyard Living Magazine Sept/Oct 2004

Now then, why do you suppose I brought this up? The sugar substitute made the birds shiver and not want it. Are you sure that that sugar substitute that your using isn't making you shiver as well? Maybe it's time to really look into the matter of using real sugar verses things like nutra sweet, sweet n' low, equal or splenda. Something new on splenda, it was rushed into production without a proper trial, most likely the FDA was paid to look the other way again. The thing about splenda being healthy is false, it does come from sugar, but a chemical is used to bring it to the form you see it in. This chemical can be dangerous to your health. It's a no brainer folks. If the substitutes aren't fit for birds or beasts, why would they be fit for a human.

John Sutton
The Cooking Inn
November 10, 2004
October 9, 2006

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