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2003 Award Gallery #7

These are all of the awards that my site has won. In fairness, they are listed with the most recent.

Thank you to all of these great Websites
 Informative Gold Site Award Image : Your content is of the highest quality and that makes your site the quality to win our award.

Unique Site Award Image : I have viewed your site and found it to be very well done. Your pages are well thought out and presented.

Blue Ribbon Website Award Image : Congratulations, we are pleased with your site.

Awesome Website Award Image : I looked at your site and I'd be honored to have you link back to my bookstore with the award.

Golden Web Award Image : Congratulations! The Cooking Inn has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award.

Mountain Moving Award : For a Christian page that uplifts the name of JESUS And spreads the Gospel of JESUS.

Christian Web Author Award Image : For a Christian family friendly web page.

Blue Jay Web Award Image : Great Site.

Powerful Programmer Web Award Image : Great Site.

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