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2003 Award Gallery #6

These are all of the awards that my site has won. In fairness, they are listed with the most recent.

Thank you to all of these great Websites
 Excellent Site Award Image : Just have a look to your page and i must say, very beautiful , great work!

 Very Beautiful Award Image : I give you with great pleasure the Award your apply for , congratulations !

 Handyman's Gold Award Image : Gosh you did a wonderful job on your site.

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 Artsy Gold Award Image : This is great we won the same award in 2000

 Design Excellence Award Image : I was very impressed with your website and would be honored if you could accept one of my awards!  It's a real treasure trove of information.

 VP Avatar Domain Gold Award Image : Congratulations! After viewing your site, we can see the hard work you put into it.. Thank you for sharing it with all of us....

A Milestone for The Cooking Inn
Our 100th Award!

Gold Brush Award Image : Very nicely done - I found a lot of useful information for your visitors too!

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