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2002 Award Gallery #2

These are all of the awards that my site has won. In fairness, they are listed with the most recent.

Thank you to all of these great Websites
Award For Excellence Image :  Your cooking website is excellent and well deserving of the award. Bruce

Nova Merit Award Image :  I enjoyed visiting your site and found it worthy of The Lynx Award. It is evident that you have put a lot of hard work in building your site.

Valkyrie Bronze Award Image :  We were impressed with the work you put into your site!  While visiting your site, we found it to be well organized with interesting and informative content. It's obvious that you've worked very hard on this website. A job well done!

Golden Keg Award Image :  This Award represents meeting the criteria and show heart and soul with great content. Lynda

Bronze Award Image :  Congratulations! Your site The Cooking Inn has been reviewed by me. I am pleased to announce that your site has won our Bronze Award. This award is given to outstanding Web Pages and recognizes the hard work that was put into the development of your web site.

Bloo M&M Proof of Purchase Award Image :  This is from Kaly's site. It's a freebie, but blue is my favorite color and well M&M's go back with me a great many years. Plus it looks COOL!

Cool Site Award Image :  I would like you to have my award for your terrific site, Casey

Excellent Site Award Image :  It was a nice pleasure to visit your site.  I em such a NON-COOKER....I look forward to trying my hand at some of your recipes.

Great Site Award Image :  You have managed to create a fascinating site that not only provides wonderful, mouth-watering recipes, but you've also managed to toss some very interesting info into the pot as well....a site well worth the visit.

Brad[WRX] Excellence Award Image :   You have a fantastic site, and keep up the great work!!

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