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2003 Award Gallery #2

These are all of the awards that my site has won. In fairness, they are listed with the most recent.

Thank you to all of these great Websites Dark Site Award Image : Congratulations,  you have won the Dark Site Award.

 Princess Award Image : I went to your site and saw that it was very good..

 Funky Turtle Award Image : You have been given the dubious honor of winning the Funky Turtle Award For Coolness...

 Top Site Award Image : Your site was definitely better than most of the drivel that applies for my award.  You really have talent.  I wish more of the sites that apply for my award were as good as yours.

 Sceaming Head Award Image : Congradulations.... The Screaming Head Award Process Has been invoked.....

 Artistic Ability Award Image : We would like to congratulate you for all the hard work you have obviously put into your web site. It takes someone with a certain level of skill to design a site such as yours, and you are to be given great credit.

 5 Hearts Award Image : Your site scored excellent in every category I rate sites under. You have a very good site and I am very honored to give you my award.

 News Worthy Award Image : We're very impressed.  Your site is certainly news worthy and therefore you win our award!

 Gold Nugget Award Image : Congratulations!  You really have a great site!  I enjoyed viewing it.

 Market-Tek Design Award Image : Congratulations!  After reviewing your site, we are pleased to present you with the Market-Tek Design Award!

 Special Sea Goddess Award Image : Great Web Site. Keep up the great cooking site!

 Greens Things Silver Award Image : I found your site to very informative, interesting and full of great recipes.

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