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Your site The Cooking Inn has been selected as AljapaCo Site of the day 2003-08-07

Site Info:
This is an informative cooking site. Where I lack in graphics I make up for in content.

AWA Notes:
A regular goldmine for the wannabe chef! This site must be bookmarked to return to again and again for gastronomical inspiration!!

Evaluation Notes

Total points 95/115

Basic points: 10/10
The site worked fine in all our settings and browsers. No broken links found when we checked.

Personal impression: 12/15
The content is this site's strong part. As an old chef for years myself, I can see the potential of some of the recepies and it's obvious that it's someone that knows what he's talking about that manages this site. The presentation though leaves quite some to wish for. Photos that are presented for the dishes would be a real plus and of course it wouldn't hurt if you took some time to design or for that sake, ask someone to design a proper graphical interface for the site! Take some time to search the net for some free web templates... There must be one that suits your "taste" ;)

Load time: 10/10
Of course, loaded fast like the wind on both ADSL as K56.

Navigation: 18/20 If there's one thing framed sites are useful for, it's a good, solid menu system. The main part of your site is easily found but when it comes to sub sections, sometimes it's hard to get back to that exact page one was looking at before. Of course, one can use the "back" button on the webbrowser but it would be a nice gestaure to your visitors to at least inform of this fact on some of the sub pages!

Coding: 8/10
No bugs or errors but the code could be improved. Not the least when it comes to search engines where the spider is indexing zilch at the moment! A tip is to include a bunch of good, well representing keywords in a long text inside the "noframe" tag on your index page, i.e the frameset page!!

Spelling: 4/5
Well, no matter how much you try to hide it ( we did read your "about" page ;), there are some minor spelling/grammar errors on your site apart from the purposed miss spellings. Nothing to be alarmed by though.

Design and Layout: 8/20
Well, the points in this section is really for the fact that there are no obvious errors or bugs and that the site indeed is rather user-friendly. We are aware that you already know that the site isn't a shining ray of innovative design so we leave this decision to you for the future.

Content: 20/20
The collection of recepies is a regular goldmine. We totally understand that a random visitor does come back for more here! A little tip though is to look into the world of databases and try to take use of this for your collection. It's so much more easy to edit and add new recipies if you have a proper database that takes care of the rest of the presentation afterwards!

Opera Factor: 5/5
The site worked well and without any bugs in Opera7.

Once again, congratulations on a well built, interesting website!!
Tobias Strandh, manager AljapaCo Webb

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