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Everyone throughout the United States knows salmon, but people living far inland or even along the Atlantic Coast do not know salmon as the people of the Pacific states know it. Salmon is a saltwater fish, which spawns in fresh water. The Columbia River, the Puget Sound area, and Alaska are especially noted for their fine salmon. The life cycle of the salmon is an interesting one. Spawned in freshwater streams, the young salmon travel to sea early. Here they live and grow for three or four years. In the spring, after they reach maturity, the adult salmon return to their native streams to spawn. They will leap over any obstacle in their way, such as braving dams and waterfalls, hurling itself many feet out of the water until it surmounts the obstacle or dies of exhaustion in the attempt; there is no turning back. For some unknown reason, the female always dies after spawning. The distinctive color of the flesh of a salmon is part of its attraction. It can vary from a very delicate pale pink to a much deeper shade, verging on red.

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