Volunteer Inn Keepers Needed

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The Cooking Inn needs your help. If you have lots of time on your hands, and you can type and proof-read, The Cooking Inn needs you.

We are in need of typists to transfer the contents of cookbooks, i.e. the recipes and information, to Microsoft Word. Each recipe submitted must include its source, author, publisher and date (if applicable). This can be done with books you own and at your leisure.

We also need volunteers to take over certain sections of the website and keep those areas updated on a monthly basis. The site is getting to big for us to handle by ourselves. More people are asking for recipes for other special diets. This will take even more resources and time, both of which we no longer have.

So, if you want to help out and are serious about being an Inn Keeper, please drop us a line.

Again all you need is Microsoft Word and the want and will to help out The Cooking Inn.

Before agreeing to this and sending an email you must understand that this is volunteer work only, you will not be paid for this.

You can email us at innkeepers@thecookinginn.com

Thank You for your consideration.

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