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The process of slowly pouring wine from the bottle into a glass carafe or other vessel, leaving the wine's sediment behind. Only certain wines, usually older red wines, need to be decanted.

Direct To Press:
Pressing grapes as whole clusters rather than destemming first. The method that we prefer for pressing Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and sparkling wine grapes because the stems act as a pressing agent so less force is needed, and there is less tannic pick-up in the wine.

These initials stand for Demoninação de Origem Controlada in Portugal and Denominazione di Origine Controllata in Italy and refer to the controlled appellation wines which are regarded as quality wines by European wine law.

A wine that tastes as though it has no remaining natural grape sugar. By law, a minuscule amount (less than 0.2%) of natural sugar can remain.

Dry Fermented:
Wine that is fermented until it is dry, meaning that all the sugar is converted to alcohol and carbon dioxide during the fermentation process.

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