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This is a Reference Website, where possible Articles, Stories, Recipes, etc are as they were originally done.

Below is the ever growing list of where I get all this information.

The following are Books I have used. Also included are Agencies, Schools and who knows how many Articles, E-mails and Magazines.

People who share recipes and ideas with The Cooking Inn, are given credit for those recipes and ideas.

The Holy Bible : King James Version (KJV), Zodhiates, 1992

The Holy Bible : New International Version (NIV), AMG Publishers, 1996

The Holy Bible : The Interlinear Bible (TIB), Sovereign Grace Publishers, 2000

The Holy Bible : From The Ancient Eastern Text, Geoerge M. Lamsa's Translation From The Aramaic Of The Peshitta, Harper San Francisco, 1968

The Stone Edition Tanach, Mesorah Publications, Ltd, 1996

Domestic Science, Principles and Application : Pearl Bailey, 1914

The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book : Fannie Merritt Farmer, 1918

The Allergy Cookbook : Ruth R. Shattuck, 1984

I received some baking term help from the folks at
Christmas Baking with SusieJ

The Il Fornaio Baking Book by Franco Galli

The 99% Fat Free Cookbook by Barry Bluestein & Kevin Morrisey

Still Life with Menu by Mollie Katzen

Household Discoveries and Mrs. Curtis's Cookbook : S.L. Morse, 1909

The ABC's of Cooking : by Charlotte Adams, 1983

Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices, Volume II : George Leonard Herter and Berthe E. Herter, Published by Herter's, Inc., 1967.

A Kitchen In Corfu By James Chatto & W.L. Martin : New Amsterdam Books, 1987

The Rocky Mountain Wild Foods Cookbook By Darcy Williamson : The Caxton Printers, Ltd, 1995

Roots The Underground Cookbook By Barbara Grues & Anne Elise Hunt : Chicago Review Press, 1993

Christmas Edition Gold Medal Flour Cookbook, 1904

The Occasional Vegetarian By Karen Lee : ISBN 0-446-51792-5

Mushrooms Of North America By Roger Phillips : Published By Little, Brown & Company,1991

The Nutrition Desk Reference By Robert Garrison & Elizabeth Somer : Keats Publishing, 1995

The Complete Kitchen Guide (The Cook's Indispensable Book : By Lillian Langseth-Christensen and Carol Sturm Smith : Published by Grossett & Dunlap Publishers, New York, 1968.

The Dictionary of American Food & Drink : by John F. Mariani : Published by Ticknor & Fields, 1983.

The Dictionary of Italian Food and Drink : by John Mariani : Published by Broadway Books, 1998.

Complete Guide To Food And Cooking : Published by Better Homes and Gardens.

Key Terms In Cuisine : by John Skull, Published by Elbrook Press, 1991.

The Pueblo and Pueblo West, Colorado Public Libraries

U.S.D.A (United States Department of Agriculture)

U.S. Weights and Measures

Complete Dehydrator Cookbook : Mary Bell, New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1994.

Freezer Cookbook (Third ED) (1967). Hazel Meyer's

Ball Blue Book (Vol. 1) (1995). Ball/Alltrista Corporation. Muncie, Indiana.

Kerr Home Canning and Freezing Guide (1996). Published by Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation, P.O. Box 76961, Los Angeles, California 90067.

Ball Blue Book, Edition 1, Ball Corporation, Muncie, IN, 1994.

The New Putting Food By, Third Edition, R. Hertzberg, B. Vaughn and J. Greene. The Stephen Greene Press, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1982.

"The New High Altitude Cookbook" by Beverly M. Anderson and Donna M. Hamilton.

National Academy of Sciences

Psychological Science

International Journal of Sports Medicine

European Journal of Cancer Prevention

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Annals of Internal Medicine

American Medical Association

Foods of the World by Time Life Books, 1971

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