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Care for Wooden Utensils and Cutting Boards

Utensil Repair

It still does some things better than a food processor - it makes smoother purees and is good for processing medium-sized amounts.

Of various sizes for multiple tasks. If you're like me you will never have enough of them.

Chinese Cleaver:
There are 3 kinds of Chinese cleavers. Heavy cleavers are used for cutting thru bones and joints. Lightweight cleavers are used for fancy food carving. Medium-weight cleavers, are used for everything else. A medium-weight cleaver makes quick work out of slicing chicken, and slicing and mincing vegetables. Its broad side makes a convenient surface for transporting chopped food into a pan or bowl.

Using The Chinese Cleaver

Chinois :
A fine strainer.

Citrus Squeezer:
Electric or manual, used to extract the juices from various fruits i.e. oranges and lemons.

Of various sizes, including one really large one for pasta.

Cutting Board:
Used to cut all your various food items. Some people actually use a separate cutting board for fuits and veggies, seafoods and meats.

Electric Mixer:
These come hand-held or larger. They are especially useful for combining ingredients for baked goods. Ever try beating egg-whites by hand? You need one of these.

Food Mill:
A food processor may be faster, but a food mill is a great tool to have on hand. Use it for ricing potatoes, for making applesauce and jelly, for turning cooked rice into a thickener for soups, or for making homemade baby food. It is also less expensive than a food processor and it is easily taken apart for cleaning.

Food Processor:
For pureeing, grating, mincing and mashing. Also, is great for mixing bread dough.

Knife Sharpener:
This is needed to help keep those knives honed.

Straight-edged and serrated, of various sizes, all of them very sharp. A dull knife is one of the most dangerous kitchen tools.

Meat Pounder:
The easiest and fastest way to pound cutlets of veal, chicken or turkey is with a tool specially made for the job : a heavy disk-shaped pounder with a vertical handle. A meat pounder should not be confused with a meat tenderizer.

Meat Tenderizer:
A mallet like utensil that has a jagged pounding surface. An easy way to tenderize those tough pieces of meat. A meat tenderizer should not be confused with a meat pounder.

Microwave Oven:
I mainly use this for re-heating purposes. However, you can use this to cook complete meals.

Finely minces garlic and fresh herbs, in seconds.

Potato Basket and Noodle Nest:
This ingenious gadget lets me take cooked potatoes or noodles, press them into a basket or nest and then fry them. I can then put anything I want into them. This is great for winter dishes. My favorite is frying the noodles and then putting in a Chicken sauce or stew.

A kitchen tool used to brown the top of foods. It consists of a long iron rod with a cast-iron disk at one end and a wooden handle at the other. The disk is heated over a burner until red-hot before being passed closely over food. In addition to quickly browning foods, salamanders are used for dishes (such as Crème Brûlèe) that require that a surface layer of sugar be carmelized quickly so that the custard below remains cold. Also, a salamander is a small broiler unit in a professional oven that quickly browns the tops of dishes.

Steamer Basket:
An expandable stainless-steel steamer is just the thing for vegetables. It's inexpensive, easy to use, and can be opened to fit most pan sizes. A plastic version of the steamer is available for microwave use.

Wire Whisk:
These come in many sizes. Along with the metal ones, you should get a plastic one as well. Having many purposes, I use mine mostly for eggs, gravies and puddings.

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