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In the last few years we've lost a couple dozen good restaurants, we need to support the local owned places. Do your part to save a neighbors dreams.

On average we spend between $15.00 and $30.00 while eating out, this does not include the tip. We always leave 15%, remember they are serving you. If your in a bad mood and you must go out, do not take it out on those who are serving you.

Pizza King 26 W. Hahns Peak
Pueblo West, CO

This is a great place to get a pizza. They have the largest bread sticks I have ever seen. The price is right.

Puukaow Thai Restaurant
1021 N. Market Pl. Ste. 109
Pueblo West, CO 81007

Monday - Thursday 11am - 8:30pm : Friday & Saturday 11am - 9:00 pm : Closed Sundays and Holidays
Some great Thai food for the Pueblo area. Really good food with a range of heat for your taste. The hot stuff is not for the faint of heart. (Sept 2011)

Romero's Cafe & Catering
1323 Santa Fe Dr.
Pueblo, CO

Mexican flare. Friendly and knowledgable staff.

631 N. Main St.
Pueblo, CO

A very clean and relaxing place. You will not be disappointment about the great selections. This is a Japanses establishment.


69 S. Dunlap Dr.
Pueblo West, CO

The local radio station KDZA 107.9 FM announced free Root Beer Floats from 8:00pm - midnight for June 7. So, we got here at 7:45 pm. Becki ordered the Coney Island Dog and I had the the Double Patty Melt and we shared some Onion Rings. The Patty Melt and Dog were good. We both did not like the Onion Rings, another good batter turned to a sugary mess so people will come back for more. The service was good. Oh, the free Root Beer Floats weren't bad. However they could have figured things out better. The temperature had dropped to 53°F with a stout wind and you either had to get out and wait in a line for the free float or drive around basically blocking the drive through for it. It was a chaotic traffic jam. (June 7, 2007)

Southwest Grill
1000 Hwy 50 West
Pueblo, CO

The Jury is out with this establishment. Depending on who is cooking, managing, or working, depends on your experience here.
You will either have a good time with good food, or you will have the opposite. I just wish that they would be uniform in how they run the place, swinging more to good food, good service and a clean establishment all the time would be helpful.
As of June 28, 2006 it would appear that they are swinging more towards good food, good service and keeping the place cleaner, they also have a new menu.
We came out on Feb 21, 2007 and had some really good burgers, these did not affect me gas wise like most places, something to consider. I had the Pepper Jack Bacon Burger. The staff was really attentive tonight, it was a pleasant experience and it was all really clean. This was so nice to see.

ST's Pour House
117 S. Purcell Blvd
Pueblo West, CO

Being the only steak house of three left that started since 2002, you will not be disappointed with this establishment. There is a reason why this steak house is still here and the other 2 aren't.

Taco Bell
99 S McCulloch Blvd
Pueblo West, CO
719) 547-4836

Food here has always been fresh, with good service and is kept clean. I had a soft taco supreme and a Nachos Bellgrande, Becki had a Taco Salad. (1-09)

3333 N Elizabeth St
Pueblo, CO
(719) 542-7226

Ok service this time, fresher food, still need to work on cleaning the place. I had a soft taco supreme and one of those grilled steak burittos, Becki had a beef buritto supreme. (4-07)

703 N Santa Fe Ave
Pueblo, CO 81003
(719) 542-1074

They have cleaning issues here, the bathrooms were filthy, trash, sauce, pop and who knows what else all over the main floors. Tables were not clean or the seats, we weren't the only ones wiping down our tables.
The employees actually looked lost and in a daze. The food was good (I had a soft taco supreme and one of those grilled steak burittos, Becki had a beef buritto supreme), however we hoped the kitchen itself was much cleaner.(5-07)

Taco Shell
336 S. McCulloch blvd
Pueblo West, CO 81007

Cozy atmosphere. Clean. I had beef super taco and a regular taco and Becki had their Slopper, we both felt the slopper could have been served with other things to help i talong. Other places served more for the price we paid for the Slopper. It was still good.
August 2010

Taco Star
2021 S. Pueblo Blvd. #120
Pueblo, CO

Everything is homemade here. And it can be hot and spicy if you request it. Yum. (02-12).

Tea Garden
198 S. Purcell Blvd.
Pueblo West, CO

Yet another good oriental restaurant, they offer a lunch buffet, it is realatively new with a few problems. My green tea was served in a tea pot with a broken spout, paint was chipped on the wall near the table, Becki had foreign matter in her wrapped up silverware. The hot and soar soup was so-so, but that was the end of so-so things. I had a dish called Banh Huoy Beef, it was good. Becki had the Szechuan Chicken and we both had the Shrimp and Veggie Tempura with a really nice hot and cool sauce. Overall, our experience was good and hopefully the few small things that were wrong will be fixed the next time.
Aug 23, 2006

Tea Palace
46 E. Dunlap Dr.
Pueblo West, CO

This is a good oriental restaurant, they offer a lunch buffet, it's a good spread and they have good food with a pleasant atmosphere.

Texas Roadhouse
4707 Dillon Dr.
Pueblo, CO

I went here with my wife and some friends. Like the Denver restaurant, this had all the great food and a wonderful staff. The only problem I found was the smoking sections smoke that drifted to the non-smoking section. This was a lot of smoke and it made all at the table uncomfortable. All of you smokers who are complaining about the new smoking ban that Pueblo City has passed, can thank places like the Texas Roadhouse that don't do enough to keep the smoke from going into the non-smoking sections.

Tian Jin
3400 W. Northern
Pueblo, CO

This is another good oriental restaurant, they offer lunch specials and a dinner menu, they have a pleasant atmosphere, the flavors in the food mix well, I had a house special Green Beans with Chicken and Rebecca had the Szechuan Beef. The only thing we noticed was the Egg Rolls were a bit greasy. If the clientele is an example of the folks who eat here, I noticed an Executive Chef from The Union Depot was eating lunch here as well. You will enjoy yourself here. (06-18-04)

Village Inn
1707 S Pueblo Blvd
Pueblo, CO
(719) 561-1228

I have come to expect more from national chains, although the staff was friendly and prompt, my menu felt and looked slimy and then the salt shaker had the same. My plate for my Bisquit and Gravy was hot where as the bisquits were cold. The gravy was good, Becki had the Cobb Salad and she reported it was good. I think national chains should do a better job at making sure the place is clean. We have come here many times. (Aug 26,2006).

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