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In the last few years we've lost a couple dozen good restaurants, we need to support the local owned places. Do your part to save a neighbors dreams.

On average we spend between $15.00 and $30.00 while eating out, this does not include the tip. We always leave 15%, remember they are serving you. If your in a bad mood and you must go out, do not take it out on those who are serving you.

1327 S. Prairie Ave
Pueblo, CO
Where to begin? First we waited 5 minutes at the counter and no one came to see if we or any other customer needed help. Becki had to go and try to get their attention from the back.
The floors throughout were sticky, this also included the bathrooms. Wrappers and crumbs were on sticky tables. The napkins holders, table flyers, salt & pepper shackers were dirty and slimy (yuck).
Ketchup splatter on walls, french fries and other things in the cracks of the booths, the booths themselves were torn up and shredded. The windows were filthy as were the doors. The bathrooms were some of the dirtest we have ever seen.
The food was served to us, it came out hot and in a timely manner after we were finally able to order.
There was a buildup of stuff dropped from the trash right under the serving windows that looked like it was there for a long time.
This was a very dirty restuarant, the food wasn't bad, but I have to say we were both wondering if we were gping to have any ill effects from the food considering how well the place was kept up.
Oddly enough as we were eating everyone came from the back and started to clean the place. They got the floors and the counters, they got the table top, but no wiped the walls or picked the fries out of the crevices.
It was however a lot cleaner than when we walked in and is how all places should be that serve food and that is clean. (4-09)
Things have changed and gotten better. This is a good change. (1-12).

Angelos Pizza
105 E Riverwalk
Pueblo, CO
We were with a large party. My friend and I had the salad with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil and glasses of red wine. The staff sucked. We had to move twice while waiting for everyone. The place was clean. Maybe it was a fluke, who knows. My friend never had a problem before.

Angelos Pizza
74 Component Dr. Ste 110
Pueblo West, CO
Had the Musso Pizza Special. We were disappointed when we discovered how few chillies were on the pizza and requested some chillies on the side.
Other than that, good cold beer, good atmosphere. Everything was clean, staff was friendly and very efficient.

4000 Thatcher Ave.
Pueblo, CO

Really good and filling Mexican Food, all made from scratch.

Buckshot Bar & Grill
190 W. Palmer Lake Dr.
Pueblo West, CO
I had a Au Jus Prime Rib Sandwich with Fries and 2 Beers. My friend who treated me to Dinner had a Philly Steak Sandwhich with Fries and 2 Beers and we split a Chips and Salsa.
I will say the meat was tender and wasn't hard to chew. However our enjoyment was really cut short due to how how hot it was in the establishment. Their was no working cooling system, only ceiling fans and floor fans.
We were told the cooling system had not worked at all so far this season. Not good for customers or employees. I will not be going back to this place. No one should be treating their customers in such a manner.

Captain D's
2630 N Freeway St
Pueblo, CO
We weren't very impressed with how greasy (and old greasy) this food was. As popular as this chain is, one would hope the food to be healthier. It does you no good to eat fish saturated in that much unhealthy fat.

283 S. Joe Martinez Blvd.
Pueblo West, CO

One of the oldest restaurants in Pueblo West and a favorite of the locals. Always good food and times at this place.
Updating this here, we stopped for a visit. The wait staff was more concerned with a basketball game then the customers who were there and the food was so-so. (Mar 1, 2008)

China Buffet
74 N Component Dr. Ste 150
Pueblo West, CO 81007

Not a bad place. The wait staff was small but efficient. The food was mostly low sodium, they do offer that they will prep from the full menu food as you like. With the buffet you have to be creative with some of the seasoning, but it is good fresh food. (Mar 16, 2008)

China Restaurant
1600 W. US Hwy 50
Pueblo, CO

We have had about everything on the menu. Always a good time and I really enjoy the Hot and Sour Soup.

Country Kitchen
4137 N. Elizabeth
Pueblo, CO

This place never stops to amaze my wife and I. We always have an enjoyable time here. The food is really good and the staff goes out of the way to help you.

Deli Dave's
360 S. McCulloch Blvd.
Pueblo West, CO

One of the oldest busineesses in Pueblo West. Still makes a darn good sandwich is great customer service. (Feb 2012)

Denny's Restaurant
3600 N Freeway St
Pueblo, CO 81008

I had the Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast and Becki had the Grand Slam, we had a lot of leftovers for another breakfast. As I have said before I expect better things from the big chains and I must say the walls at this Denny's were the dirtiest I have seen, I really hope that they will get those clean someday. (Aug 12, 2006)

D J's Steak House
4289 N. Elizabeth
Pueblo, CO 81008

I had the Prime Rib and Becki had the T-Bone Steak. My medium Prime Rib was well done. My baked potato was dry and the coffee had a burnt taste to it. The extra dollar for the ceasar salad was a disappointment. The staff was very friendly and took care of the customers. The door jamb to the mens room was still broke. I don't know if the hole was still in the ceiling. For a place that charges so much for food, they really need to fix it. And work on the food a bit more.(May 2, 2008)

Do Drop Inn West
944 E. Kimble Dr.
Pueblo West, CO

Update 7-22-04, service was still so-so, fries are now on the menu, had the pizza and it was a very sweet crust, take off the toppings and throw on some cinnamon and you have a sweet cinnamon treat.

East Coast Pizza
1638 W US Hwy 50.
Pueb0, CO

Excellent Pizza's and a superb Bakery. Bring your appetite.

El Caporal
311 S. Joe Martinez Blvd.
Pueblo West, CO

Just like it's Canon City counterpart, you will find good food, good atmosphere and a friendly staff.

Gray's Coors Tavern
515 W 4th
Pueblo, CO
The food was great. I had a smothered buritto. The beer was nice and cold. It was a really good atmoshphere and it was a really good getting out after a long week. Friendly staff and efficient. Place was clean.

Garlic & Onion
4333 Thatcher Ave.
Pueblo, CO

A clean and bustling place. Offering mainly Mexican foods, but also a good old hamburger, which is juicy and good.

Hen House
53 E Palmer Lake Dr.
Pueblo West, CO

This was a pleasant experience again and at the new location. The chicken again was hot, flavorful and the ever important juicy. A good time to be had, give it a try.
(01-09) An update had the breakfast of eggs, ham and some very large pancakes February of 2014.

Honey Baked Ham & Cafe
503 N Main
Pueblo, CO

At a meeting, we were served sandwiches from this establishment. I had a Ham sandwich with salad, chips & a cookie. It included mayo, a honey mustard and they were thoughtful enough to add a pickle slice and a mint. This was a very good and refreshing sandwich and I was surprised where it came from. Really good food.

Ianne's Pizzeria
515 W Northern Av
Pueblo, CO 81004

We went here for lunch, I had the Lasagna which came with a salad and bread and Becki had the Meatball Grinder with fries. This palce had some really good food. I did notice that they blinds could either use a really good cleaning or be replaced. The staff was very friendly and prompt. The amount of food you receive for the money is great.
(09-16-06) Had another plate of Lasagna and a Salad in January 2014.

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