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Cooked Salami

(Cooked Salami, Beer Salami)

This is a cooked, mildly flavored Italian salami with a characteristic flavor. It is made of coarsely chopped pork, chopped beef and pork trimmings, flavored with garlic and stuffed into large diameter casings.

4.0 lbs. lean beef trimmings
3.0 lbs. extra lean pork
3.0 lbs. regular pork trimmings
4.8 oz. salt
0.8 oz. sugar
0.1 oz. ground cardamon
0.6 oz. cracked black pepper
0.1 oz. garlic powder
or 0.2 oz. fresh garlic (to taste)
Sodium nitrite (see instructions)

Grind the lean beef through 3/8 inch plate and then through 1/4 inch plate. Grind extra lean pork and regular pork trimmings through 1/2 inch plate and then through 3/16 inch plate. Place all meat in the mixer, add cure and seasoning and mix well. Stuff into No. 6 fibrous casings and hang overnight in 38°F cooler. Remove in the morning and allow to stand at room temperature for 2-3 hours. Place in 110°F smokehouse and smoke until the desired color is obtained. The product may be finished in either of the following two ways: (1) Smoked cooked salami -- raise temperature gradually until desired color is obtained and an internal temperature of 150°F is reached. Shower product with cold water until internal temperature of 90-100°F is reached. Allow to dry at room temperature before placing in cooler. (2) Water-cooked product -- when desired color is obtained in the smokehouse, place in a shower type or vat type water cooker and process until an internal temperature of 150°F is achieved. The smoked cooked product is a higher quality product with better color and shelf life due to the drier nature of the product.

Recipe from: Service Manual of Union Carbide Corporation

Summer Sausage

Formula No. 11:
6.0 lbs. lean pork trimmings
4.0 lbs. beef trimmings (sinews removed)
4.8 oz. salt
0.8 oz. sugar
0.4 oz. ground black pepper
0.5 oz. vinegar
0.2 oz. starter culture (optional)
0.2 oz. coriander
0.05 oz. garlic powder (optional)
Sodium nitrite (see instructions)

Formula No. 22:
6.0 lbs. pork trim
4.0 lbs. beef trim
4.8 oz. salt
3.2 oz. sugar
0.6 oz. coarse ground black pepper
0.1 oz. whole mustard seed
0.05 oz. ground nutmeg (1.4 mg)
0.2 oz. ground coriander
0.05 oz. ground allspice (1.4 gm)
0.1 - 0.2 oz. garlic powder
or equivalent in fresh garlic (optional)
Sodium nitrite (see instructions)
0.2 oz. starter culture (optional)

Grind trimmings through 3/16" or 1/4" plate. Mix the ground materials with the seasonings and nitrite. Pack sausage in 6" deep pans and cure at 40-45°F for 2-3 days. Regrind through 1/8" plate and stuff in No. 4 fibrous casing or 2 1/2" casings. Place in the smokehouse at 90-110°F and give a heavy smoke for 6-8 hours. Raise the temperature gradually to 165-170°F and cook until the internal temperature reaches 140-150°F. Remove, shower with cold water, allow to dry and place the sausage in refrigeration.

1. Recipe from: A.E. Reynolds, Extension Meat Specialist, Michigan State University

2. Recipe from: Robert Rust, Extension Meat Specialist, Iowa State University

Dry Beef Salami

9.0 lbs. beef trimmings (lean, 85%)
1.0 lb. pork fat or beef kidney fat
5.0 oz. (10 Tbsp) salt
1.2 oz. (8 1/4 tsp) sugar
1.0 oz. (2 Tbsp) white pepper or black pepper
0.1 oz. (5/8 tsp) mace
0.1 oz. (5/8 tsp) ginger
Starter culture optional
Sodium nitrite (see instructions)

Grind beef through an 1/8 inch plate and fat through 1/4 inch plate. Mix all the ingredients for 5 minutes or until a good distribution of the fat and lean is apparent.

Store the mix in trays 8 to 10 inches deep for 2 to 4 days at 40-45°F. Stuff into 5 inch fibrous casings, sewed bungs or suitable sized collagen casings. Hold stuffed product for 9 to 11 days at 40°F and 60% relative humidity. This product may be cooked to internal temperature of 148°F to shorten drying cycle.

Recipe from: A. E. Reynolds, Extension Meat Specialist, Michigan State University

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