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2003 Award Gallery #1

These are all of the awards that my site has won. In fairness, they are listed with the most recent.

Thank you to all of these great Websites
 Smart Site Award Image : Congratulations. You have been awarded the Smart Site Award for your creative design. Site is no longer available.

 Darrin Wow Award Image : Yes yes, you made Darrin say WOW!  And now you are part of a select few that can claim that distinction.

 Gold Award Image : WOW! What a splendiferous journey. It would be our honour if you would accept our Weis-Awards Gold Award.

 Red Hot Site Award Image : We only give our award out to sites we think are original, cool, easy to navigate, and have a purpose. Your site fit the bill perfectly!

 Cool Site Award Image : It's my great pleasure to inform you that your site is cool enough to win my award.

 Sweet Award Image : I found your site The Cooking Inn  was a very nice personal site.

 Yellow Tiger Award Image : You have a special web site.  I am honored to give you my little award.  You deserve it!

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