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(British or Scottish Style, made in USA) Sausage-like product prepared with meat and varying amounts of rusk or other cereals.

Beef Bologna (cooked, smoked sausage):
Is made exclusively of beef and has a definite garlic flavor.

Beef, Dried (prepared meat):
Also known as "chipped"; long cured product made from beef round; cured, smoked, dehydrated and thinly sliced. Available in cans, jars and vacuum packages.

Beef, Salami (dry sausage):

Beef, Sliced (cooked meat specialty):
Made from boneless beef; chopped, cooked, smoked and sliced; moist, not dehydrated; more perishable than dried beef. Available in vacuum packages.

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Beef Loaf, Jellied (cooked meat specialty):
Cooked beef, shredded and molded with gelatin, and cooked in loaf or roll. Also available are Jellied Tongue, Jellied Corned Beef and Jellied Veal Loaf.

Beerwurst or Beer Salami (dry sausage):
Is a cooked sausage of German origin; beef and pork, chopped and blended; seasoning includes garlic; cooked at high temperatures; smoked. Packaged in slices or in bulk rolls for slicing.

Berliner-Style Sausage (cooked, smoked sausage):
Made of cured, coarsely ground pork and some mildly cured, finely chopped beef; contains no seasoning other than sugar and salt; available in rolls or packaged slices.

Blood Sausage (cooked sausage):
Diced, cooked fat pork, finely ground cooked meat, and gelatin-producing materials mixed with beef blood and spices.

Blood and Tongue Sausage (cooked sausage):
Cooked lamb and pork tongues are arranged lengthwise in the center of a roll of blood sausage.

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Blutwurst (cooked sausage):
See Blood Sausage.

Bockwurst (fresh sausage or cooked sausage) :
Made of veal and pork (generally higher proportion of veal), with milk, chives, eggs and chopped parsley; seasoning is similar to frankfurters, but may have additional condiments; available fresh or parboiled; highly perishable; requires thorough cooking.

Bologna (cooked, smoked sausage):
Originated in Bologna, Italy; made of cured beef and pork, finely ground, with seasonings similar to frankfurters; available in rings, rolls or slices of varying diameters; fully cooked and ready to serve.
  • Beef Bologna is made exclusively of beef and has a definite garlic flavor.
  • Chub Bologna is a smooth mixture of beef and pork with bacon added.
  • Ham-Style Bologna contains large cubes of lean cured pork.

Boterhamworst (cooked, smoked sausage):
Dutch-style sausage made of veal and pork, finely chopped and blended with coarsely chopped pork fat and seasonings.

Boudins Blanc (cooked sausage):
From France, these are made of many mixtures which may contain pork and chicken, veal, rabbit, cream, onions, eggs, bread crumbs or ground rice.
A typical recipe;

Boudin Blanc d'Ourville (France)

1 pint (600ml)
handful of breadcrumbs
6 onions
1/2 lb (225g) hard back pork fat
6 egg yolks
1 wineglass of creamm
2 oz (50g) butter
french spice

Bratwurst (fresh sausage, cooked or smoked sausage) :
A relatively high level of oily material suspended in the coffee beverage. The result of substantial amounts of fat present in the beans. Most often a characteristic of high coffee-to-water ratio brews.

Braunschweiger (cooked sausage):
Liver sausage which has been smoked after cooking, or includes smoked meat as ingredients.

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