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Landjaeger Cervelat (semi-dry sausage):
Is a semi-dry sausage of Swiss origin; beef and pork; heavily smoked with a black, wrinkled appearance; in links the size of large franks, but pressed flat.

Lebanon Bologna (semi-dry sausage):
Originated in Lebanon, Pennsylvania; made of coarsely chopped beef; heavily smoked; has a tart, tangy taste; dark surface appearance.

Linguica (uncooked, smoked sausage):
Portuguese sausage made from coarsely ground pork butts, seasoned with garlic, cumin seeds and cinnamon, cured in vinegar pickling liquid before stuffing; smoked; also called Longanzia.

Liver Cheese or Liver Loaf
(cooked sausage, sometimes called liver pudding) :
Ingredients and processing similar to liver sausage but with slight alteration to achieve more body for slicing. Molded in sandwich-size brick shape.

Liver Sausage, Liverwurst
(cooked sausage):
Finely ground, selected pork and livers; seasoned with onions and spices; may also be smoked after cooking or may include smoked meat such as bacon. (See Braunschweiger).

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Lola or Lolita (dry sausage):
Italian origin; made of mildly seasoned pork; contains garlic.

Luncheon Meat (cooked meat specialty):
Chopped Pork, ham and/or beef, tastily seasoned and ready to serve. Available in loaves, canned or sliced in vacuum packages, sliced.

Lyons Sausage (dry sausage):
An all-pork sausage with finely diced fat; of French origin; seasoned with spices and garlic; cured and air dried.

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