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Afternoon Tea:
The name given to the British meal taken mid-afternoon, comprising finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries accompanied by tea. The 7th Duchess of Bedford is reputed to have given birth to afternoon tea, early in the 19th century, when she decided to take tea to stave off the pangs of hunger she suffered between lunch and dinner.

Anhwei, Anhui :
One of the provinces in China where tea is grown.

Aroma :
Smell or scent denoting 'inherent character' usually in tea grown at high altitudes.

A region in northeastern India, known for its robust, high quality teas characterised by their smooth round, malty flavour.

Auction :
Sale of tea in an auction room on a stipulated date at a specific time. Tea auctions are held in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya and Malawi- these auctions only sell teas from their particular areas. The London Tea Auction, which was held every Monday morning (barring public or bank holidays) in the City of London until it's close in 1998 was the only true international tea auction, where teas from all over the world were sold.

Teas harvested in autumn and touched with cool weather. The term is normally applied to teas from India and Formosa.

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