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Earl Grey :
A black China tea treated with the oil of bergamot which gives the tea a scented aroma and taste. It was said to have been blended for and named after the 2nd Earl Grey when he was prime minister of Britain by a Chinese mandarin after the success of a British diplomatic mission to China.

Earthy :
Normally caused by damp storage of tea but can also describe a taste that is sometimes 'climatically inherent' in teas from certain regions.

Empty :
A liquor lacking fullness. No substance.

English Breakfast Tea :
A name for the tea blend which originally applied to China Congou tea in the United States of America. In Britain it was a name applied to a blend of teas from India and Sri Lanka; today it is used to include blends of black teas producing a full-bodied strong flavoured colourful tea.

Estate :
A tea growing property or holding that may include more than one garden under the same managership or ownership. In the past tea estates where known as plantations.

Even :
Teas true to their grade, consisting of pieces of leaf of fairly even size.

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