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Handkerchief Tea:
A tea which was grown on Formosa and which gets its name from the large silk handkerchiefs that Chinese tea growers used to use to collect their very fine tippy teas.

A very pungent liquor, a desirable quality in tea.

A taste generally due to the leaf being under withered during manufacture resulting in a very rough taste.

A thick, strong and coloured liquor with limited briskness.

Over fired or dried, but not bakey or burned.

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High Tea:
The name given to a meal served late afternoon-early evening which is a mixture of afternoon tea and dinner. The meal comprises a main entree dish sometimes a pudding or dessert served with bread and butter, cakes and tea. High tea was the main meal for farming and working classes in Britain in the past.

A China green tea.

One of the tea growing provinces of China.

A type of China green tea formerly drunk exclusively in Europe and often the name given there to the tea drink. Young Hyson is this type of tea which is plucked early.

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