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Packing :
The final stage of manufacture. After sorting each grade of tea is placed into either tea chests or tea sacks. Each chest or sack is stamped with the name of the estate, grade of tea and weight.

Pan-Fired :
A kind of Japan tea that is steamed then rolled in iron pans over charcoal fires.

Pekoe :
Whole leaf black tea produced by a medium plucking of the second leaf on the tea bush. The word Pekoe comes from the Chinese meaning 'white hair' and was originally applied to the early tea pluckings, due to the white down on the backs of the young leaf tea.

Pennyroyal Tea:
A native American mint, usually found on dry hillsides which, when trod upon, gives a strong aromatic odor.

Plain :
A liquor that is 'clean' but lacking in desirable characteristics.

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Plucking Plateau :
The flat top of the tea bush from which the top two leaf and bud sprouts on sprigs are plucked.

Point :
A bright, acidic and penetrating characteristic.

Pouchong :
A kind of scented China or Formosa tea so called from the Cantonese method of packing tea in small paper packet, each of which was supposed to be the produce of one choice of tea plant.

Powdery :
Fine light dust as the tea people say meaning a very fine light leaf particle.

Pruning :
Selective cutting back of the tea bush, to maintain its shape and help it stay productive.

Pungent :
Astringent with a good combination of briskness, brightness and strength.

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