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Darjeeling :
A tea growing area in North India on the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains. Teas grown here take their name from the area and are said to be the 'Champagne' of Indian teas. Grown at altitudes up to 7,000ft above sea level ( more than 1,291m) Darjeeling tea is known as a high-grown tea and is light in colouring with a delicate, muscatel flavour and aroma. The original tea planted in this area was grown from seeds and plants imported from China.

Dark :
A dark or dull colour that usually indicates poorer leaf quality.

Tea growing district in Assam, North India.

Dehru Dun :
A tea growing area in the Uttar Pradesh State, North-west India. Some 30 estates (most of them under 50 hectares) produce green and orthodox black leaf tea.

One of the seven tea growing districts in Assam. Dickoya Tea growing district on the central massif in Sri Lanka. Teas from this area are known as high grown teas and have a full astringent flavour.

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Tea growing district just above Dickoya, which gives its name to a blend of Ceylon teas from this area and is also used in Ceylon blends. Dimbula teas are black and characterised by their full-bodied flavour.

Indicates slight over-firing or drying during manufacture.

See firing.

Lacks brightness and usually denotes poor tea. Can be due to faulty making (manufacture) and firing or a high moisture content. Or, not clear, lacking any brightness or briskness.

The smallest particle of leaf size in both Orthodox and CTC teas which is normally used for tea bag teas, as they infuse quickly with the full flavour and strength coming through the tea bag material.

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