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Scented Tea :
Green semi-fermented or black teas that have been flavoured by the additions of flowers, flower petals, fruits spices or natural oils. Examples of these are Jasmine Tea, Rose Puchong, Orange Tea, Cinnamon Tea or Earl Grey.

Semi-Fermented Tea :
Tea that has been partially fermented before being fired or dried. This tea has the qualities and appearance halfway between a green and black tea.

The most popular variety of green tea in Japan.

Sibsagar :
A tea growing district in Assam, North India.

Single Estate Tea :
A blend of teas from one particular estate or garden.

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Stalk and Fiber :
Bits of tea bush other than the leaf which should be minimal in superior grades but are unavoidable in lower-grade teas.

Smoky Tea :
Black tea from China or Formosa that has been smoked over a wood fire such as in the case of Lapsang Souchong.

Soft :
The opposite of briskness. Tea lacking any 'live' characteristics and is caused by inefficient fermentation and/or drying.

Sorting :
The fifth stage of manufacture. The dried leaf is sorted mechanically by sifting the different leaf size particles or grades through different size meshes.

A large leaf black tea. Originated in China, Souchong tea was made from a small bush whose leaves were allowed to develop to a large size.

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Speciality tea :
A blend of teas that takes its name from the area in which it is grown; a blend of teas blended for a particular person or event, or a blend of teas for a particular time of day.

Spring Teas :
Formosa teas picked in the April-May season.

Stewed :
A soft liquor with undesirable taste that lacks point. Caused by faulty firing, or drying, at low temperatures and often with insufficient airflow through the oven during tea manufacture or making.

Strength :
Substance in cup.

A tea producing island of Indonesia.

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Summer teas :
Formosa teas picked in the June-September season.

Sweaty :
Disagreeable taste. Poor tea.

A non-smoky black tea from China, with narrow leaves and flowery fragrance. Also a tea growing province in China.

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