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A descriptive term for a wine that has a pronounced oak flavor, generally as a result of aging the wine in new small oak barrels.

Another name for powdery mildew, the fungi that can cause severe damage to grape crops.

Measure of soluble solids, mainly sugar, in grape juice or must; expressed in degrees;equivalant to English balling.

The science of winemaking; sometimes spelled enology.

Not distinguished; a favorite pejorative of wine snobs.

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The regulations governing the use of the term organic are constantly changing, and the term itself can also be misleading. It generally means that the grapes have been organically grown (ie without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides).
Sulphur dioxide may legally be used during an organic wine's production. The word organic does not mean the wine has come into contact with non0organic materials during the fining, storing, ageing or even bottling stages.

The science of judging wine by the senses (as opposed to by chemical analysis); such judging frequently is described as an organoleptic evaluation.

A descriptive term for a wine that has been significantly exposed to air (oxygen), thereby changing the winešs aroma and flavor. While a small amount of oxygen exposure can be positive (it can help to soften and open up the wine, for example), too much exposure is deleterious. Fully oxidized wines have a tired, spoiled flavor. An oxidized white wine usually has begun to turn brown. There are a few examples of controlled oxidation that are not considered negative. Sherry, for example, is an oxidized wine by intent.

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