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The mouth-puckering substance--found mostly in red wines--that is derived primarily from grape skins, seeds and stems, but also from oak barrels. Tannin acts as a natural preservative that helps wine age and develop.

High in acidity.

An implement for tasting wine; the classic tastevin is a flat silver cup with elated sections along the sides to permit inspection of the wine's color: sommeliers frequently wear these around their neck; currently certain glasses of approximate pear-like contours also are described as tastevins.

Delicate; usually , also fresh and young.

Describes all the influences on the flavors in the wine that come from where the vines grow, especially soil, climate, slope, the aspect of the slope. There is no exact translation in English, but 'terroir' is an important concept in the expression of the origin of wine.

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An implement for drawing a sample of wine from a barrel; one common variety is a glass tube, dipped into the barrel, then covered so that suction will hold the wine inside as the tube is lifted from the barrel; another variety involves a cylindrical metal container that holds about an ounce, attached to a fine rod which is dipped into the barrel.

Deficient in body and or alcohol concentration.

The process of drawing wine from barrels (by whatever means).

Describes a flavor derived from the oak barrels in which wines are aged. Also, a character that sometimes develops in sparkling wines.

During barrel aging, some water and alcohol evaporate, concentrating the wine slightly and creating an airspace in the barrel. To prevent the harmful effects of oxygen contact with the wine, the barrel is topped-up periodically with the same wine from another container.

A small French sausage made of coarsely diced pork flavored with wine, garlic and seasonings. Toulouse is usually braised or fried and is good in dishes such as cassoulet.

Wine spoilage caused by lactic bacteria.

Meaning dry.

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